What Foods and Drinks to Serve at Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is an exciting event for any bride-to-be, as it a chance to casually get together with loved ones right before the wedding and literally shower the bride with love, celebration, and gifts in her honor. Likewise, making sure guests are pampered with food and drink filled with just as much love is equally important. But what fares are the best for a bridal shower?


Choices are limitless and it can be pretty overwhelming when trying to come up with a great bridal shower menu. But with a few simple ideas to keep in mind, you can put together an array of bridal shower food that guests will not only enjoy, but will be talking about for years to come. Take a look at some fabulous bridal shower foodie tips below.

Remember the Bride

Bridal showers are normally thrown within weeks before the wedding, so the biggest priority to keep in mind when constructing the party menu is the bride. Most likely, the bride will be maintaining a healthy diet as to ensure a healthy glow for her wedding day, so this means it’s best to stay away from an all-smorgasbord of sinful eats. While delectable treats, sweets, and even fried fares are okay to feature on your bridal party menu, stick with a nice balance of healthy and light food as well.

Food Allergy/Preference Check

Some people are allergic to nuts while some others choose a lifestyle in which they only eat vegetarian foods. Either way, it helps to know your guests. Include a request with your shower invitation for guests to let you know if there is any such food preference or allergy. It also pays to offer up a little bit of something for everyone in general. Have plenty of vegetarian options, along with steering clear of over-processed foods, which tend to have ingredients that people could be allergic to.

Tie the Food in with the Shower Theme

While the food at a bridal shower should be tasty, it should also be fun and pleasing to the eye. Whatever your theme for the party might be, make sure to elaborate on that with the food. For instance, a corset shaped cake is perfect for a lingerie themed party, or glittery gold cupcake platters are great for a Gatsby themed shower. Have fun and use your creativity with the food spread.

The Lighter, the Better

A bridal shower is usually thrown earlier in the day around brunch or lunch hours, so you don’t want to have heavy drinks or foods on the menu. Go for champagne or Bellini beverage option over high proofed rum, and try to steer clear of full course meals with heavy breading or starches.

Keep it Easy

There’s a lot of moving about when it comes to a bridal shower, as guests are mingling and the bride is opening gifts. For this reason, the food for the most part should be easy to grab and eat, while not having the potential to make a huge mess.

bridal shower food ideas and treats

By keeping these few simple tricks in mind, putting together a fantastic menu for a bridal shower—no matter what the theme, number of guests, or the bride’s preferences—doesn’t have to be difficult. You can have fun letting your imagination fly free with rounding up an amazing assortment of party fares that guests will appreciate and enjoy.