Colorful Fiesta Bridal Shower


Prints for Events had a rare opportunity to style a Colorful Fiesta Bridal Shower for their future sister-in-law and this was an event to remember! With an abundance of paper flowers, vibrant colors and festive flare, this party had everything you could ask for.

The invitations made a perfect intro to the festivities with a blast of bright colors and flowers. With inspiration from the lovely Mexican embroidery on the traditional peasant dresses, a sweet border was made for the top of the invitations that stood out.  Matching printables were made that were used for the rest of the venue area as well included food labels, drink tags, water bottle labels, signs, mad libs and advice cards, all of which can be purchased from

For fun accents, cacti were placed throughout the party area along with fantastic DIY paper flowers, a DIY pinata and even Mexican blankets. Each of the guests got to wear a DIY paper crown, so everyone would feel super special.

A delightful array of Mexican foods were offered including a classic sopapilla cheesecake.  Chips and guacamole were set on a large tray right beside a tower of yummy looking fruit cups.  The table was decorated with a colorful tissue banner that match the theme perfectly.

For beverages, authentic Mexican sodas were sure to hit the spot. Each of the guest cups featured a label that they could write their name on, so no glasses would get mixed up.

Even the silverware went with the theme, lots of colors all wrapped up nicely and set in a fun metal holder. They were set beside an adorable looking cacti of course!

For a unique activity, everyone got to fill out a mad lib and put it into a pinata, that was broken open later in the day for everyone to enjoy.

Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Advice-Form Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Advice-Tray Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Belongto-Labels Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Beverage-Table Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Bright-Silverware Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Chips-Dip Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Drink-Table Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Favors Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Food-Table Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Fruit-Cups Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Invitation Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Limeade Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Mad-Lib Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Mad-Lib-Pinata Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Mexican-Sodas Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Silverware-Cactus Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Sodas-Bucket Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Sweet-Tea Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Thankyou-Sign Colorful-Fiesta-Bridal-Shower-Water-Bottle

Credits – Prints for Events