Morning Mimosa Bridal Shower


This Morning Mimosa Bridal Shower was beautifully designed by Simply Paush Events. When it comes to celebrating a new adventure, what better way is there to do it than outdoors on a brilliantly sunny day? This venue was a perfect place to enjoy friendship and mimosas!  

For this party, an entire section was specially devoted to creating a delicious beverage, with all sorts of options to choose from so each guest could personalize theirs just as desired.  A white table made a lovely stand for the drinks, allowing the vibrant orange and yellow tones of the decor to shine. No mimosa event is complete without champagne glasses to allow everyone to enjoy a touch of elegance as they sip and visit. To add to the fun of this party, each champagne glass was adorned with a fantastic, glittering stirring straw.

At the back of this table a fantastic personalized sign was created with giant golden lettering on a white board that said, “But First Mimosas,” introducing this delightful theme in bold style. Surrounding the board a massive display of balloons drew the eye.  The tones of the balloons ranged from bold orange to pastel yellow, giving a full and vibrant look. Lovely white flowers made sweet fillers in the balloon display too.

There were plenty of beverage choices from good old fashioned orange juice to orange mango, so everyone could find a sweet flavor to try out.  The juice was placed in tall jars that were simple to pour from and each had a large pink label, so it was easy to see what there was to drink.  Another great personal touch at this party were the champagne bottles themselves, several of which had fun labels for everyone to check out.

Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Backdrop Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Champagne Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Cups Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Flowers Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Grapefruit-Juice Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Juice-Labels Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Juices Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Personalized-Labels Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Stirring-Straws

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Simply Paush Events


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