Anchors Away Nautical Bridal Shower

With Alli behind the wheel, this Anchors Away Nautical Bridal Shower was a fantastic celebration of two special people getting ready for nuptials! Adding a twist to the classic Nautical themes, this one had blush incorporated into the colors to give it a softer look. With the happy couple planning their wedding on a yacht, this Nautical idea was a perfect option for a get-together. 

The venue used was a lovely home, creating a cozy and comfortable vibe that the guests were sure to appreciate. In the main area, a large fireplace dominated with a fantastic mantle for holding all sorts of bold decorations.  A banner hung across this fireplace with the bride and groom’s names in gold. 

This mantle held a variety of different decorations that blended perfectly with the theme, two sailboats sat right in the center ensuring that the nautical vibe was beautifully advertised. Anchor photo art was placed beside the boats in matching theme colors.  A neat addition to this mantle were several mason jars with teal tones that had ropes attached, giving a stylish and creative look that stood out. 

To give the party a unique look, Alli put together fantastic boxes with anchor patterned fabric to hold large displays of lovely flowers.  Each box was precisely designed to go with this theme, creating a customized look that would be remembered. 

For desserts, delightful sugar cookies iced in blue and shaped like anchors made a perfect addition to the party. There were also scrumptious cupcakes that matched the theme too! 

An outdoor area was set up to eat food and this section matched the theme as well with a banner on one wall that had all sorts of different flags.  The guest tables were decked out with fantastic sailboat centerpieces and the dishware was a bold blue color to coordinate beautifully.