Moroccan Bridal Shower

This visually stunning Moroccan Bridal Shower was perfectly captured into eternity with the skill of Madison Rylee the party photographer. Every stunning detail was a work of pure perfection, creating a stunning special event for the bride-to-be. 

Ornate decorations were infused into each section of the party, giving a cultured style that was as elegant as it was precise. A fantastic piece of window art welcomed the guests in an adorable calligraphy style, introducing the theme very sweetly. 

The party was held outdoors on a vibrant day, allowing natural lighting to make each color of the theme to pop brilliantly. A large board with Moroccan graphics made a lovely backdrop for group photos. 

A cute little booze cart was set up with tasty wine for the guests to enjoy along with adorable decorates including “Rose Babe” spelled out in red box letters. 

A special table was set out for the guests to each write down their favorite memories of the bride, while not disclosing their identity so she would have to guess who wrote each one. This table was backed with a sweet little rack of photos of the bride through her childhood. 

For the guest seating, refurbished pallets created the perfect low style table and throw pillows in a variety of styles were used for comfortable seating. The table had cute centerpieces with flowers and greenery to give a natural look. 

Desserts were simple and sweet with cookies and cake for everyone to enjoy. The two layer cake was marvelously decorated in vibrant orange red tones, marble style on top and ornately detailed on the bottom. This was set on an elegant cake tray that was jeweled around the entire section too.


Photography – Madison Rylee

Acai bowls – Bolcupop

Styling, furniture – Gabrielle Dak

Florals – I Dew Flowers

Signage – Creatively Spun

Rentals – The Blooming Loom