Golden Glamour Bridal Party

Golden Glamour Bridal Party (1)

This Golden Glamour Bridal Party was a splash of style with gorgeous details put together by the awe inspiring skills of the gals at Shiki. Starting of the party with a bang, a fantastic station was arranged with champagne. This table gave a glam vibe that was sure to get everyone in the mood for some fun.  Using a glitzy cover, this station was bold and beautiful.  Gold, black and white decor was used to create a modern look.

On the table an adorable black and white striped mug held goodies for perfect photos to remember the special day.  The decorations in the mug were absolutely adorable, giant shimmering rings and other fun things on sticks to make it simple to hold them for the pictures. Behind the mug on the table, a large bucket held delicious champagne on ice with a fantastic diy arrow with the #TeamBride, ensuring that all the ladies would have an epic place to post their memorable night.  This sign was dolled up in gold and white with black lettering for a glitzy look.

This station was lined with a white  cover, so all the decorations stood out nicely. A string of black and white tassels added a fun look to the front of the table too.  A lovely tray was used to hold all the champagne glasses and each was even topped with a vibrant red raspberry and a cute little black pom. Mini bottles were glam’d up with gold too and a glass jar held black and white swirly straws for an easy way to enjoy the drinks.

For the photo booth, a whole section was filled with golden strands for a stunning effect. To add to the look pinwheels hung for extra dimension.  There were even strings hanging with cute little additions on them.

Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Champagne Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Chilled-Beverages Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Drinking-Station Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Drinking-Table Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Drinks
Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Hanging-Decorations Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Ice-Bucket Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Photo-Accessories Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Photo-Booth Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Photo-Decor Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Pinwheel-Decor Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Raspberries
Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Ring-Mug Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Straws Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Team-Flag


Planning: Shiki