Rustic Kitchen Tea Bridal Shower

Using a fun, Rustic theme, Jennifer of Sweet Tooth Buffets created a memorable bridal shower for all those invited to enjoy thoroughly. Using a gorgeous outdoor space, this event had all the benefits of natural lighting along with natural elements that enhanced the sweet rustic charm that was incorporated through the entire venue.

Rustic Bridal Shower ideas

The guest table set-up was excellently thought out with a massive canopy over top to create shade so everyone could stay comfortable. Two rows of long tables were set up giving that family style arrangement for added closeness. Each table had a white cover with a fantastic hession table runner that highlighted the charm of the decorations on top. Adorable arrangements of flowers in varying sized vases created a layered effect that still ensured that guests could see each other for easy conversation. Wonderful Tiffany chairs brought a touch of elegance to the layout, while providing a comfy place to relax. Overhead a neat natural element was wrapped down the center of the canopy to add to the rustic theme.

The food was laid out with precision on a long table covered in a black cloth, ensuring all the bright colors of the delicacies would stand out. Abundantly full trays of fresh fruit in a range of vibrant tones, giving a healthy option for snacking.  Tiered stands were used to hold delicious pudding snacks.

To display the fantastic celebratory cake, an old-school vintage style desk was set up and covered with beautiful florals and more little treats.  The cake was showcased in the center on a large, lovely cake tray. It was topped with a sweet bundle of flowers and bride-to-be’s name stood out for all to enjoy.  With a simple elegance, this Rustic Themed Bridal Shower had everything one could want out of a party.

Credits – Planning/Design –  Sweet Tooth Buffets

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