Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is a once in a lifetime party to celebrate a bride-to-be in her upcoming happiness. In a sense, a bride is saying goodbye to her childhood and walking into a new life as a wife, so what better way to throw this even than with a totally nostalgic theme? A mermaid bridal shower is the perfect motif to surround the bride and her guests on her special shower day! So get those beautiful mermaid invitations sent out and get ready to give the bride a shower that she will certainly never forget.

Mermaid Bridal Shower Invitations

Mermaid Bridal Shower Decorations

Decorations for a mermaid themed bridal shower event are vivid, bright, and joyful, so get ready to fill the party venue full of colors and whimsical details. Ariel from The Little Mermaid, of course, has to make a debut, so whether you opt for one or twenty Ariel décor pieces, they are sure to set the tone. Glittering scaled tablecloths and mermaid tail bows for chairbacks are delightful pieces that are also unique. Centerpieces of seashells, accents of floating candles and flowers in water bowls, and vases of rainbow-hued sand are all essential aesthetics for a mermaid bridal shower. Glimmering seashell garland, oceanic ambient lighting, and tropical music set the stage makes everyone to feel like a mermaid! Place conch shells around for guests to “hear the ocean” and set up both a mermaid photo booth complete with props, along with a stand-up for guests to stick their heads through to pose for pictures as a mermaid. Remember: you can never have enough glitz, glitter, or colors of aqua and blue reminiscent of the sea.

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Mermaid Bridal Shower Food

The food spread for a mermaid bridal party is equally as fabulous as the decorations. An oyster bar is a fantastic idea, or a general seafood one. If guests or the bride aren’t too keen on that type of food, you can always mimic your deserts to look like they came from under the sea! Clam shaped sugar cookies, mermaid cake pops, or pearly shell candies are all delectable and joyful creations that no one will soon forget. Come up with a themed beverage that stays with the shower theme. You can’t go wrong with jars of gummy fish and a shower cake double tiered with sparkling mermaid toppers, too. It’s always a good idea to keep bridal shower food light and easy to eat, so finger fares are definitely a way to go as much as you can.

Mermaid Bridal Shower Favors and Games

Of course, you can’t forget the best part about the mermaid bridal shower—and that’s what the guests get to take home with them! Favors can be fun and girly, such as mermaid keychains, candle holders, Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, clay figurines, seashells with fortunes inside, or even a copy of The Little Mermaid movie. Gourmet treats reminiscent of mermaid princess royalty can be bagged up in little seashell shaped boxes. You can even come up with cool prizes and favors for guests to win through bridal shower games! Stick with classic bridal shower games, but give them a mermaid twist. For example, create a Bridal Bingo or Bridal Mad Libs in the motif of mermaid imagery and words. Make something truly interactive by having guests use makeshift items to DIY a hilarious mermaid getup for the bride-to-be! There are limitless options when it comes to games, and every bridal shower should have at least two of them. Pin the fishtail on the mermaid can also be a hilarious game that everyone loves to get into.


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Regardless of how bold or subtle you go with your décor, food, and fun, a mermaid themed bridal shower is sure to go down in the history books—and make one bride certainly very happy.

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