Delightfully Citrus Bridal Shower


A Delightfully Citrus Bridal Shower can be a fresh and fun theme for throwing a bridal shower. With bright pops of yellow and green, this theme can make a perfect outdoor soiree for friends and family.

With stunning flower arrangements by NLC Productions and the innovative design skills of La Fete, this get together has a blend of natural elements that stands out and smells lovely. Vintage styled furniture and details add a charming effect that creates lasting pictures. Anna Costa Photography captured each breathtaking shot of this layout with perfection.

A wooden table with an aged look made a sweet location for beverages.  Lemonade in a large dispenser makes it simple for guests to serve themselves. Long, thin flutes offer a sophisticated look. A lovely backdrop with a massive wreath makes a fantastic centerpiece to the citrus stylings.  This wreath is decked out with lemons and is surrounded on each side with them as well.

Circular tables offer a cozy option for visiting together and blue and white vintage styled covers can add a bold touch of color that complements the flowers and lemons beautifully. Using little bouquets of flowers as bits of decoration to go on the napkins, the tables can have a charming look.

Tasty snacks to offer include favorites like lemon meringue, cupcakes frosted in white, lemon bars even fruit trays can make a sweet addition. Using blue to match the guest tables, the theme can be incorporated skillfully throughout the venue. With all of the fruit, a party with this theme can not only be a vibrant and charming event, but a sweet smelling one too.

Taking advantage of outdoor spaces will make a nice option for photographers too, especially with an abundance of greenery to accent the pictures. A sunny day can offer comfort to all who attend the party.

Delightfully-Citrus-Bridal-Shower-Centerpieces Delightfully-Citrus-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Seating Delightfully-Citrus-Bridal-Shower-Table-Decor

Credits –

Design/Coordination – La Fete

Flower arrangements – NLC Productions

Photos – Anna Costa Photography