Delightful Garden Tea Shower


When the bride’s name begins with a letter T and it is going to become the first letter of her married name and she loves drinking tea, it only makes sense to create a Delightful Garden Tea Shower to celebrate the pending nuptials! With the expertise of owner and event stylist Paula Clemente Woods, this exquisite theme came to life at her 14 & Hudson venue.

An actual T-Bar was designed to perfection on a small rectangular table.  With a light up T and metal bar letters, the table was labeled in a fun way.  Small tea kettles were filled up with gorgeous bold and soft pink toned flowers, giving this tea party a fantastic natural touch.  Framed art added a personal look advertising the tea party beautifully.  Lovely little tea cups placed in a row at the front of the table were filled up with various types of tea so that the guests could choose their favorites. A bowl of honey with a honey stick and cubes of sugar were also provided to add a bit of sweet. This table was even set in front of a window, providing lots of light.

Dessert was a floral delight, two cakes on adorable cake trays frosted in white and decorated with flowers that matched the decor spectacularly.

Delicious beverages were provided including orange, guava and peach juice, alongside fresh fruit for everyone to enjoy.

The entire venue was artfully decorated from dangling strands of pink flowers to adorable little green jars spelling out “XOXO.”  Over the fireplace “LOVE” lit up the room and was surrounded with candles for a romantic touch. For a unique decoration, napkins were even labeled in gold with the bride and groom’s names along with the date they were getting married.

Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Beverages Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Beverage-Table Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Cakes Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Decor Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Edibles Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Fireplace Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Flower-Art Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Flower-Decor Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Flowers Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Food Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Framed-Art Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Fresh-Fruits Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Green-Jars Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Guest-Seating Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Guest-Table Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Honey Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Kisses-Game Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Labeled-Napkins Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Lightup-Love Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Pencil-Decor Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Recipe-Box Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Salad-Bar Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Soccer-Decor Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-Soccer-Display Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-T-Bar Delightful-Garden-Tea-Shower-XO-Jars

Credits –

Flowers + Event Styling – 14 & Hudson/ Paula Clemente Woods

Photos Christina Anthony + @kennedygracephotography

Concept, design and props by sister and maid of honor Kristina Thomas\