Sweet Blue Inspired Bridal Shower

Color inspired celebrations bring a charm to venues that really stands out and this sweet Blue-themed Bridal Shower is a brilliant example of that.  Fantastically captured by Ashley Therese Photography, this party was certain to be cherished.

Blue Inspired Bridal Shower, blue shoes, something blue bridal shower

The venue chosen for the party was amazing with a massive domed ceiling that gave an almost cathedral-like feeling.  In the center of the dome a giant chandelier hung over the room, setting an elegant stage with a soft illumination that reverberated throughout the entire area. The room was circular and had lots of windows to offer a natural lighting as well. With large draping curtains in each window of a golden hue, this room was a perfect example of pure sophistication.

Round tables were set up for the guests to sit at, keeping everyone close together for easy conversation. For the blue of the theme each table was covered in a soft blue that really enhanced the environment. In the center of the tables a super-tall vase was set with giant plume feathers in white, adding a decoration that wouldn’t interfere with guests interacting.

Each table had it’s own number printed out and framed in a silver frame.  Glasses were set at each setting that went with the theme brilliantly with a charming style. One sweet activity set up for everyone to participate in was the advice for the bride and groom.  Cute little round paper was pre-printed to allow everyone to give their thoughtful feedback.

The cake created for the special gathering was a gorgeous blend of blue and white that made a delicious bit of decor.  With two layers and an adorable pair of shoes on top, this treat was a winner!

Photography – Ashley Therese Photography

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