Tuscan Inspired Bridal Shower

Using the bride-to-be’s love of Tuscany, Lina of A Stunning Affair brought together a dream celebration based on this lovely locale. With her intricate planning and gorgeous photos from Christine Haws Photography, this party was certain to be a memorable experience for all who attended.

Tuscany Inspired Bridal Shower table setting

The venue set was outdoors on a bright sunny day, creating a lighthearted atmosphere for the guests. Each bit of decor was vibrant with color, giving the yard a natural and fun look. Yellow was the main theme color, being integrated into all of the decor beautifully. The yard even had a lemon tree, giving a natural effect that went brilliantly with the Tuscany theme.

The tables for the guests to sit at were set up in long rectangles, bringing everyone together in a cozy family style.  Umbrellas were placed down the line to provide a sweet look and a bit of shade. Each individual place setting had an adorable sunflower with a tag, dividing up teams for a fun party event.  Using a neutral tone for the table cover, the bright yellow color of the flowers stood out dramatically. The chairs had a nice neutral tone as well. Centerpieces used for the guest tables were fantastic floral arrangements with lemons for added effect.

Food was served on pizza stones, giving an authentic Italian vibe and peach Bellinis was the beverage of choice.  With tasty red velvet cupcakes featuring cream cheese frosting, this gathering had a bit of everything you could want.

Some cute activities included at this sweet party included a trivia quiz to see who knew the bride-to-be the best, it was printed and placed on a neat yellow frame. And no party would be complete without a little Jeopardy! From the decor to the games, this event was sure to be enjoyed.

Credits –

Photography: Christine Haws Photography

Flowers, Planning and Décor: Lina Wallace from A Stunning Affair

Linens and Rentals: AAA Rents and Events

Cupcakes: A Sweet Design

Invitations: Cards and Pockets

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