Garden Bridal Shower Ideas

chicest garden bridal shower party table setting

For a brunch bridal shower celebration, an outdoor garden is the perfect setting. It’s magical, whimsical, and romantic, and it can almost seem like a miniature version of the upcoming wedding itself. Hanging white lanterns, fairy lights, and plenty of floral pieces with roses, peonies, and tulips, having an outdoor garden bridal shower is a lovely way to share joy with the bride-to-be.

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Bridal Shower Decorations

Drape tables in floral lavender tablecloths and fill rustic silver vases of all sizes with every type and color of garden flower you can get your hands on. Turn burlap pieces into chair sashes and play classical music throughout the event for the ultimate feel of serenity. Sprinkle flower petals along table tops, the grass, and just about everywhere you can think of. You just can’t have enough flowers for a garden bridal shower! Chinese umbrellas with cherry blossom designs and place settings of copper mason jar cups and matching ivory tableware complete the look of where your guests will enjoy their brunch. Have a white, multi-tiered cake with flower garnishments on the main event table and string up plenty of floral garland as a backdrop. Cakepops in the shape of bright flowers, sugar cookies with thick ganache frosting, and miniature cupcakes with butterfly toppers all tie together the magical garden aspect of the bridal shower. Also make sure to have an assortment of plenty of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and herb crackers on platters, along with pink Moscato and lemonade.

Set up an activity to have guests paint little flower pots for the bride, and send the guests home with favors that are little bags of flower seeds. Bridal bingo or cards in which guests fill out “What will make the bride and groom’s love continue to grow?” are wonderful ideas for activities and games that everyone really can get into.

Floral Bridal Shower Games 
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Garden Bridal Shower Favors