Outdoor Vintage Lace Tea Party Bridal Shower


Love was most certainly in the air with this lavish Outdoor Vintage Lace Tea Party Bridal Shower. The mom of the bride took joy in creating all sorts of diy decor for the event, giving a personal and fantastic look that her daughter was sure to appreciate.
Events in the City coordinated and oversaw all of the work involved in this lovely extravaganza.
The party was abundant in pastel colors and being held outdoors every bit was brightly lit up by the natural sunlight. The guest tables were a vision in one long, family style row that was sure to keep everyone comfy and cozy. Wonderful floral covers draped long over the tables and the chairs matched perfectly with a pretty green color. For centerpieces down the table tall silver trays displayed teapots, pearls and flowers, embracing this vintage theme beautifully. Glasses in pink filled the tables with color along with the gorgeous single flowers that were on each plate, those were even tied with spring green ribbons. Above the table was a canopy, providing cool shade as the guests ate, and to add to the decor, a row of parasols at varying lengths hung gracefully with strings of hearts in pastels.
The treat table was intricately put together with a pretty ivory backdrop of fabric with ornate framed art hung in front to draw attention. The front of the table had a thick covering of tulle in a rainbow of pastels. Treats covered the whole table, providing a ton of options for everyone to try out. From colorful macarons to precisely detailed cakepops, there was something for all to love. Tea bags were even personally tagged with the bride and groom’s names for a fun addition.
To offer a unique activity, a table was designated for manicures with a vintage framed bit of art saying “Keep Calm and Stay Polished.” This table was full of all things nail related from files to polish so each guest could pretty their hands up.

Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Art-Lace Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Cakepops Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Chalkboard-Art Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Decor-Table Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Drink-Glass Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Drinking-Table Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Drink-Table Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Eating-Table Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Edibles Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Tables Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Love-Decor Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Love-Floral-Art Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Memory-Board Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Parasol-Art Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Sweets-Table Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Teapot-Art Outdoor-Vintage-Lace-Tea-Party-Bridal-Shower-Tea-Truffles

Credits –
All DIY, Candy Station, Favors, Decor: Mother of the Bride, Lyn Ferrerio
Photography: Genevieve Leiper Photography
Event Coordination & oversight of Design: Events In The City
Catering, Linens, Chairs, China: Design Cuisine
Invitations, Menus, Custom Signage: Paperzest