Bright Tropical Themed Bridal Shower Party

Bright Tropical Themed Bridal Shower Tablescape

Warm and Bright Tropical Bridal Shower by K Fab Creations

Let’s face it – we could all use an island getaway right about now! Even without the pandemic, a little bit of beach therapy is never a bad thing! Well, the lucky guests of this tropical-themed bridal shower got just that, thanks to K Fab Creations.

Right from the entry point, K Fab Creations knocks it out of the park. As guests arrive, they are greeted with a bright, exciting sanitizing station. Now, sanitizing stations don’t sound bright or exciting, but this one definitely is! Vibrant colors of pink and green cover the table, where personalized bottles of hand sanitizer await each guest – even the sanitizer itself is pink!

sanitizer station spread love not germs

Face masks are provided as well, but they were specially made for this occasion, with a fresh, tropical design. The masks are adorable and help the guests feel like it’s part of the celebration! Plus, can you ask for a better party favor right now? The sanitizing station is topped with an acrylic sign saying, “Spread love not germs” – fitting for the occasion!

The acrylic sign holders make another appearance at the bar. I have to say – I love the reinvention of the acrylic sign holders. Using stickers instead of printing out plain white paper is so inventive! It’s a small detail, but it makes a world of difference in presentation. The champagne flutes at the bar come with gold pineapple-shaped stirring sticks that are so quirky and cute!

An air of island royalty permeates through the event space. Luscious arrangements of tropical flowers, palm leaves, and pineapples are peppered among the tables, making the guests feel like they’re genuinely on a lush island vacation. And the addition of frozen rosebuds to the glittering, gold champagne ice buckets? I would expect that level of sophistication at a five-star resort!

Polished gold-framed tables and chairs give the whole space a sense of island royalty. Each place setting has a gold, textured plate, reminiscent of the imprint of a seashell in the sand, with elegant gold silverware to match! The napkins lend a pop of tropical color to each setting, with a menu provided to give every guest exactly what they want.

The sweets and cake stands are spot-on, as well. The cake toppers match the floral arrangements throughout the space, and the ombre tropical color scheme was a perfect choice. And placing the cake on a palm leaf is a super cute way to give the cake stand some extra pizzazz! My favorite part, though, is the candy “oranges.” They’re actually candy apples made to look like fresh, juicy citrus fruits – genius! The sticks are made to look like bamboo shoots, adding to the illusion even more, and they’re given a polished look with the satin pink ribbon – which, of course, matches the color scheme perfectly!

Guests are given one last party favor before they go – a chocolate bar in a personalized wrapper! The wrappers are in keeping with the island theme with a fresh, tropical design and gold accents. The words “Carrie’s Bridal Shower” on the front of the wrapper makes sure the guests will never forget their island getaway!

hot pink Tropical theme bridal shower

pop the bubbly hot pink

tropical drinks open bar

Tropical theme bridal shower chocolate bar wrapper

Tropical theme bridal shower dessert table

Tropical theme bridal shower treats

Tropical theme bridal shower

vibrant pink and yellow flowers