Parisian Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Paris is the ultimate city of romance, so there is no better theme for a bridal shower celebrating a lifetime of love to come. Mixing the cultural iconic staples of Paris with the beautiful atmosphere the city holds can make any bridal shower feel full of love, luxury, and a truly special day for the future bride and her guests. Invitations should be ultra posh, with a Paris symbol as a main image, so think Eiffel Tower, French wine, lingerie, or the Bridge of Love Locks.

Paris is all about images of beauty, lights, and plenty of tasty fares, so whether you choose to have your bridal shower indoors or out, string up plenty of fairy light strands, and get plenty of Eiffel Tower accessories and croissants ready. Make French 75 cocktails for the guests and serve in champagne flutes with Eiffel Tower glass charms for the guests to keep. Drape lace tablecloth along the tables and use silver Eiffel Tower replicas for centerpieces. Red roses are the perfect flowers for the occasion and seamlessly blend with the Parisian theme. Garlands of fancy poodles and balloons with rhinestone accents offer that eccentric Paris flair.

Parisian Bridal Shower Food

Food for a Parisian bridal shower is all about rich taste, so opt for lots of dark chocolates, thickly frosted cupcakes, ganache cakepops, colorful macaroons, and even a chocolate fountain with lots of fruits. Pastries and tea sandwiches, or anything you would find in a French café are definitely go-to’s for saltier foods. For bridal gifts, encourage guests to give the bride lingerie as a new bride, because this fits in perfectly with a Parisian bridal party theme.

Parisian Bridal Shower Games

Don’t forget fun bridal shower games such as toilet paper wedding dress contests, or even an activity that stays within the theme, such as famous Parisian phrases about love.
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