Travel Inspired Bridal Shower


This Travel Inspired Bridal Shower was created with the innovative skill of Pocket Full of Parties.  Using a nice mix of bold orange and soft blue tones, the venue for this event was fantastic.

The dessert table was full of neat travel based decorations along with sweet treats that was sure to keep the guests happy.  A backdrop was made from a map and bordered with orange and white stripes, allowing it to stand out dramatically.

Each edible was labeled with a personalized tag that had a map and an airplane on it for effect.  There were actually chocolate airplane lollipops placed in a neat little lunch box holder that drew the eye. Other delicious additions to this table included blue and orange macaroons, sugar cookies shaped into travel items like airplanes.

There were several unique decorations that made this party a one-of-a-kind.  A globe stood on one end of the table beside a vase full of wonderful map pinwheels.  There were also adorable little umbrellas made from maps as well. On the other side of the table a vintage plane stood displaying an adorable orange and blue sign.  Map piggy banks made another cute addition to the table.  

Little flower bouquets were perfect fillers throughout the table with white and orange blooms that looked quite lovely. They even had little signs with places around the world on them in adorable fonts and patterns.  Cupcakes were frosted in a delightful light blue color and had airplane labels for a sweet accent.

A tower of treats stood on top of a vintage suitcase holding a fun arrangement of chocolate bars, salt water taffy, peanuts and more. Individually wrapped in personalized packaging, each of these could be taken home and enjoyed. The top of the suitcase even had a label saying, “In Flight Snacks” and had passports, tickets and a key on it.

Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Brownies Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Cookies Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Cupcakes Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Cupcakes-Labels Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Desserts Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Flowers Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Globe Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Macaroons. jpg Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Map-Backdrop Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Map-Candle Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Map-Decor Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Map-Pinwheel Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Mints Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Paper-Art Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Snack-Table Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Starfish Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Taffy Travel-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Treat-Tower

Credits –

Pocket Full of Parties