Lingerie Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is possibly the most fun party for the bride apart from her wedding, so it’s important that it’s an event filled with lots of fun and centered around a really memorable theme. You can bring in the coyness and color of a bachelorette party right into the bridal shower itself, by putting on a lingerie soiree!.

 The key is to make sure you tell your guests in their invitations that this is specifically a lingerie shower, so opt for invitations that are in the shapes of corsets or incorporated in the invite, or that have lots of frilly, sparkly detailing.

Pink & Gold Lingerie Shower Invitation Gold Glitter Lace Pink Stripes Modern

A lingerie shower has the ultimate feminine feel, so for decorations and food, think lots of pinks, purples, reds, blacks, and pearls, with fabrics of feather, velvet, silk, and lace.

You can have guests dress up in their favorite boudoir wear, and you can even incorporate that same look of corsets, lace, and ribbons into every aspect of your party. Think white lace flag banners, black ribbon seat ties, and fancy brassieres hanging across the venue in garland style. Feather boas serve as great décor and party favors for guests, and a pink and white striped backdrop mimicking the internationally famous lingerie brand of Victoria’s Secret are perfect additions to the shower. Dim lighting, fun chick music, and plenty of champagne add an extra dose of classiness to the event. 

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A shower cake in the form of a pretty corset is perfect, while pink frosted cupcakes garnished with candied rhinestones and pearls are a fabulous touch. Plenty of treats in the forms of sugar cookies shaped like little lingerie pieces of bras and panties, cakepops with frosted lace designs, hot pink macaroons, and black apothecary jars filled with Jordan almonds or sweet mints, are all fabulous eats that are easy to grab! Of course, you can’t forget delicious sangria and pink bubbly champagne on ice as the perfect beverages for the guests. 

Great games to play for a girly lingerie bridal shower are races to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper, Two Truths and A Lie: Bride Edition, and pin the lingerie on the bride. All of these activities are extremely interactive and will be sure to induce lots of laughter and a general grand time. Ice breaker games include asking guests to bring a new pair of underwear which represents their personality and everyone have to guess who brought which underwear. The best part of this game is that the bride to be gets to keep all the under wears! Another ice breaker game is a game where everyone have to design and model a lingerie for the bride to be. The guests will only have a pair of scissors and a roll of toilet roll or an old shirt or granny panties. The winner is chosen by the bride to be.

Lingerie Theme Bridal Shower Games