Swan Bridal Shower Ideas

Swan Bridal Shower Decors

The Swan Princess is one of the most popular fairytale classics of all time, and what better way to celebrate the romance of a bride-to-be than with a swan themed bridal shower? A swan motif for a bridal shower soiree can be as sweet as it is sexy, and there are tons of ways to make it one of the most special days in the future bride’s life. So, get your swanky invitations whipped up in sparkling colors of bold golds, blacks, and feathers to rev all the guests up with excitement for your upcoming swan bridal shower!

Just like with the invites, starting with some bold and romantic colors is a great way to get inspired for setting up your décor and food. Think contrasting colors—black and white swans, with accents of pink, gold, silver, and lots of sparkles. Create centerpieces for guest tables, or for the main event tables showcasing two swans forming a heart made out of a cake, a tiny cupcake tower, balloons, tissue, or even ice! Can you imagine how beautiful the party would be with a focal point (other than the bride, of course!) of an ice luge of two swans? You also might consider renting a fountain for beverages that embodies this swan love look, as it’s something easy to get, put together, and send off when you’re done using it. (But let’s be real—who wouldn’t want a swan fountain in their pantry?!)

Have doorway streamers made of black and white feathers lead guests into the space, and you can never go overboard with tons of soft lighting. Place vintage swan figurines around the party space and create an activity for guests to create bride and groom swans out of household items, such as toilet paper roles, tissue, and random crafting items. This will bring about lots of laughter, engagement, and even a take-home souvenir for the guests or the bride-to-be! For food, you can’t go wrong with plenty of treats—from black and glitter frosted cupcakes with swan toppers to apothecary jars full of magical eats like sparkling rock candy sticks, cakepops, to gourmet sugar cookies. Create a signature drink for the event in the theme of the swan, like a swan lake spritz. For an extra dose of great bridal looks, grab a roll of white and black tulle and puff around table edges, chairs, doorways, and the bridal chair where she will open her shower gifts.

Swan Bridal Shower Games

Masquerade Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower should be just as fabulous and dramatic an event as the wedding itself, and what more perfect way to accomplish this than to tack on a wildly wonderful theme to the party? With a Gold and Black Masquerade motif, you’ll be throwing a soiree that guests—and the bride-to-be herself—won’t likely soon forget!

After you send out some seriously gorgeous embossed black and gold glittery invitations, get ready to wow everyone with the ultimate ambience. Decorations for this party are actually really easy to put together, yet still manage to look breathtaking and out of this world. You can go crazy with fun DIY projects as well. Grab up some gold spray paint and glitter and transform champagne bottles, vases, tablecloths, guest gift bags, signage frames, and more! Hang up swanky black garland made of feathers, create centerpieces of gold-painted roses, and be liberal with all the sparkles! Use masquerade masks as décor pieces, and you can even set up an activity for guests to create their own masks. Not only is this a fun and engaging addition to the bridal shower, but it can also serve as guest party favors for everyone to take home as well! Make sure the bride-to-be has plenty of crafty materials special just for her to create a one-of-a-kind bridal mask of her own!

Masquerade Bridal Shower Games

Marble Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

A marble themed bridal shower is as elegant and refined as the future bride herself. Class knows no bounds when it comes to this kind of party, so get your shining marble pressed invites out in the mail, because this is going to be a bridal shower for the books!

It’s a bright, light, and airy atmosphere when it comes to a marble theme. Crystal glassware, sparkling acrylic servingware for cakes and treats, and simple ivory tablecloths pair splendidly with the rest of the marble décor, and gives it a chance to really shine. A multi-tiered marble cake is a once in a lifetime beauty, while multi-hued marble coffee mugs or coasters make a terrific (and functional) favor for guests to take home to always remember this very special bridal shower. Marble plates match beautifully with lace runners on tables, and bridal shower games can be printed on marbled paper for an extra dose of loveliness. Roll out the marble floor runner for guests at the entry of the party, and make sure to pay attention to the actual ‘crackles’ in all your marble décor. Shining copper, silver, gold, rose gold, and bronze really make white, black, and dusty pink marble pop. Send guests home with some breathtaking marble coasters and you’ve got yourself one hard to forget party.


Marble Bridal Shower Games

Gothic Bridal Shower Ideas

A unique bride-to-be calls for an especially unique bridal shower. With a twist on the macabre, and a flair for old world Victorian culture, putting on a Gothic themed bridal event is a one-of-a-kind party that is truly unforgettable.

Create a dark, romantic ambience like no other, with dim lighting in red hues, black lace overlays for tables, and ebony roses for centerpieces and accents. Hang up banners that read “Til Death Do Us Part”, and incorporate paper fans, feathers, and Victorian umbrellas as the ultimate aesthetics. Intricately decorated skull figurines—especially a groom and a bride—lend a sort of haunting elegance to the allover motif. Birdcages showcasing everything from party food to signage to photos to, well, any great décor, make a fantastic addition. Doorways framed by long branches, or swishy velvet swag add a dose of mystery to the party, while timeless gothic literature by the likes of Edgar Allen Poe serve as amazing décor as the actual books, or quotes posted up on chalkboards in lace font.


You can even get guests in on the theme by requesting they dress in lace black or red garments, and you can even set up a very gothic-esque favor activity in which guests make black and red candles, accentuated with lace applique.

Gothic Bridal Shower Games

Valentine Bridal Shower Ideas

Valentine Bridal Shower Decors

Could there be a more perfect timing for a bridal shower than around Valentine’s Day? Let the most romantic day of the year pose as the ultimate party atmosphere for the future bride’s celebration, and definitely don’t go sparingly on all the love and hearts you can get into décor, food, and favors! Whether you’re having them done or doing them yourself, you can’t go wrong with heart-shaped invitations and RSVP cards, either.

Rose petals, twinkle fairy lights, and heart shaped garland are only the start of decorations when it comes to setting up the best Valentine bridal shower. Pink table cloths adorned with glittery heart confetti, giant heart shaped balloons in all colors of the rainbow, and chalkboards showcasing the greatest of love quotes from history come together to create this beyond whimsical ambience. Fill giant martini glasses with heart-shaped macaroons, and create little burlap bag favors full of those classic colorful conversation hearts. Put together a fabulous photo booth with all the best silly Valentine props, and for favors, set up a station in which guests can create their own keepsake flute or wine glass. Glue, glitter, and paint makes for the most fun time, while inciting lots of laughter and interaction. Of course, don’t forget a beautiful guestbook that the bride-to-be can keep herself to remind her of the amazing bridal shower she had.