Best Bridal Shower Favor Ideas that Guests would Love!

A bridal shower is a celebration for a bride-to-be, but it is also a chance to say thank you to all the guests that not only take time out of their busy lives to attend the shower, but also pamper the bride with gifts. Party favors are a little piece of memory that guests get to take home with them and whether you opt for a fun edible item or a sweet keepsake, the world of party favors for a bridal shower is big and full of choices. Below are some amazing and creative ideas for the best of the best guest party favors that cater to your style and budget.

Useful Favors

The gifts you give your bridal shower guests don’t have to be temporary or decorative. Sometimes, the best favors (and money well spent on) are the ones that are actually functional.

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons Personalized 9 oz. Stemless Wine GlassGlassware

Any type of glassware that is personalized to the bridal shower theme or even monogrammed with guest initials is a perfect keepsake that guests will actually be able to use. Think stemless wine glasses, beer steins, schnapps and shot glasses, and tumblers for the perfectly classy favor gift. Keep in mind that most of the time, you’ll want to gift these types of favors in pairs instead of just one (with the exception of beer steins and shot glasses).

Kitchen Items

Along the same lines as glassware in general, kitchen items serve as popular, functional favors. Bottle stoppers, coasters, saucer sets, bottle openers, napkin rings, and mugs kept in theme with the bridal shower are all fantastic gift favors that will be functional in your guests’ day to day lives. Bigger items like cutting boards, cheese graters, and serving dishes are also a big favorite among guest favors.

Small House Décor

This is also a popular choice when it comes to practical guest favors, however you have to exercise caution as not everyone has the same décor taste. Opt for small accent pieces of décor such as candles, candle holders, decorative cork holders, storage jars, and photo frames. If you keep these items within the themes or color palates of the bridal shower, then they should be gifts that will go with any already existing home décor in anyone’s home.

Cloth Favors

This genre of practical, but cute favors include things like personalized canvas totes, makeup bags, clutches, koozies, or bigger items like shirts and hats. Usually, these items are personalized with monograms or bridal shower logos that relate to wedding images, sayings, or that keep in theme with the bridal shower event itself. Everyone loves a free t-shirt!

cotton favor bags

DIY Favors

Handmade favors add an extra flair of sentiment to your guest gifts and while they can be time consuming to make, DIY favors are super easy on the wallet. Tie meaningful with cost effective when you choose to give DIY favors.


Delicious treats and fun eats are extremely popular in the DIY favor realm. You can do so much with food favors and really let your creativity shine. Elaborate, gigantic sugar cookies, cakepops, or candies tied up in a lovely presentation favor bag is a much loved favor, or you can have containers available for guests to fill up with an assortment of their favorite candies to take home from the shower. Jars with dry ingredients for cookie or brownie recipes are especially popular, while Jordan almonds are a bridal shower staple. Homemade jams and liquors are also wonderful food items that guests love.

Get Crazy with Mod Podge

 This little crafting gem can allow you to make a plethora of different favors that are so elegant and refined that it will look like you bought them at a boutique. From photo coasters to hand painted champagne flutes to magnets, mod podge takes your DIY favor game to the next level.

Photo Gifts

 Favors with personal photos of the bride with the guest are really sentimental and special. Think miniature photobooks with colorfully decorated pages, photo mugs, calendars, framed photos, or small canvas prints. These favors are extra meaningful because each guest has something personally specific to them and it further illustrates the special relationship between the guest and the bride.

Wood and Paper

Gifts of paper or wood material often are pretty easy to make and are exquisitely beautiful to the eye. A wooden wall plaque with burned wooden personalization or a handmade paper calendar for binded with twine are one-of-a-kind gifts that look spectacular in any home.

Lip Balm

eos lip balms with accompanying favor card that you can print off at home or print shop can be a fairly easy DIY favor. 

Unique Favors

With the wide world of social media, we tend to see some popular trends among bridal shower gift favors, but sometimes, thinking outside of the box and coming up with something different is a surefire way to be memorable. Below are some awesome ideas for the best of unique favors.

Potted Plants

Little plants such as easy care cacti or even a romantic orchid are wonderful keepsakes for guests. Like the bride’s love for her groom, the plants you give the guests will grow and flourish for years to come.

Themed Favors

Some bridal showers have a really cool theme, so with keeping that in mind, gear your guest favors in the same lines as whatever that theme may be. For instance, if the theme is “Under the Sea”, you might give out mermaid hair clips, seashell candles, or even little miniature tanks with beta fish.

Flirty Favors

Unless the bridal shower includes both the bride and groom in attendance, then chances are your guests will all be the bride’s closest girlfriends and female relatives. This is a perfect chance to invest in favors that are specifically flirty, fun, and full of glitter. Miniature manicure sets, blinged out mint tins, rhinestone compact mirrors, and glittery purse caddies are all lovely gifts that are pretty to look at and fun to use.

Gift Sets

This is a bigger type of gift that packs a bigger punch when it comes to the smile it will put on the guests’ faces. You can do sweet little sets of just about anything, but for a bridal shower, obviously you’ll want to first stick with the theme of the shower and then also you’ll want to keep it along the lines of something that relates to a “brunch” atmosphere. Teacup and tea sets, coffee mugs and coffee beans sets, and champagne and chocolate sets are all really opulent favor gift sets that guests will be delighted to receive.

Exclusive Personalized Bridal Shower Mint Tins

Cheap Favors

While DIY favors are super affordable, sometimes we just don’t have the time (or the skillset) to make crafty gift favors ourselves. But just because convenience is a priority, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank while doing it.

Personalized Lip Balm bridal showe Favors

Dollar Store Finds

Shopping at a dollar store type shop is a wonderful way to stock up on a batch of really fun, silly, and affordable bridal shower favors. At just a dollar a pop, you can round up several items per guest to make a fun little basket full of favor goodies.

Pamper Treats

Lotions, chapstick, body sprays, soaps, and candles are all super cheap favors that look luxurious. What makes them so price perfect? These type of items are always either offered on clearance at big box retail stores, or they are offered in miniature bottles usually being priced under a buck.

Buy in Bulk

Online retailers such as or offer year-round favors with tons of bridal party themes that are sometimes as low as a few cents per unit if you order in bulk. While you might have some leftover favors, there’s always a time to use what’s left, whether it be at a different party later on or stocking stuffers down the road during the holidays.


Guest favors that are a result of a bridal shower activity are not only affordable as a two-in-one deal, but also offer a more special keepsake. For instance, if you have an activity set up for guests in which they paint stain glass, throw some pottery, or make bead jewelry, they get to take home their very own creation!

No matter what your budget, number of party guests, or bridal shower theme, with so many ideas for any situation, it’s never been easier or more enjoyable to decide on the perfect guest party favors.