Retro Red And White Bridal Shower

This Retro Red And White Bridal Shower was designed and customized by The Party Hostess Sri Lanka. Using red and white as the theme colors, this venue had a bright and lighthearted vibe that made it stand out.

The venue chosen for the event was vibrant with natural lighting, being outdoors.  White furniture was used as a base for the abounding red and white decorations.

A gorgeous cabinet was set outside with a white backdrop that had a window cut out of it and red and white plaid curtains hanging, creating a fabulous retro look. The backdrop was wrapped with a lovely vine, giving a touch of green color.  This table held all of the wonderful treats from white frosted cake pops to sugar cookies that were shaped to match the theme. A scrumptious looking cake stood in the center with a lovely red topper.  It stood on a cake tray that was laced with a plaid red and white ribbon.

For guest gifts, red velvet cake was prepare in adorable little jars, each wrapped in a red bow and labeled with a cute little personalized tag.

The tables set up for eating at were perfectly decorated with all sorts of fun details.  A long row of flowers was arranged beautifully down the center, placed in creative holders from pop bottles to vegetable cans. On each plate a gift of baking utensils was placed, so everyone would have a fun and lasting memory of the party.  The flowers were all a bold shade of red, giving the tables a dramatic look.

Another fun bit of decor that made this party stand out from others was framed artwork showcasing retro pictures for the guests to enjoy checking out. There were also adorable bottles labeled with retro art and tied with red and white ribbons.

Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Bright-Flowers Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Cake Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Cakepops Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Cake-Topper Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Cans-Decor-Table Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Cookies Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Decor-Desserts Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Dessert-Table Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Flowers Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Flowers-Plaid-Covers Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Framed-Art Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Gifts Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Table-Decor Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Tables Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Jar-Decorations Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Red-Velvet-Cake Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Treats-Hearts Retro-Red-And-White-Bridal-Shower-Utensils


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The Party Hostess Sri Lanka


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