Pretty as a Peach Bridal Shower

Bringing together all sorts of natural beauty, this lovely Pretty as a Peach Bridal Shower was flawlessly designed by Blush Creek. Using innovative ideas and a gorgeous venue, this event was definitely one the bride-to-be could remember forever.

This party was thrown in August, when the peach trees were in full bloom, making it a perfect theme for a party. With soft peach tones and an abundance of greenery, the gathering was absolutely exquisite.


Invitations created for the party were purely divine, florals and beautiful fonts encouraged the special invitees to join in a celebration of love.  The invitations were designed to match artwork displayed at the party to ensure a smoothly transitioned theme.

The party was thrown outdoors on a perfect day, with vibrant greens of the grass and trees around, all of the soft pastels of the peach decor stood out excellently. All sorts of details made this party one of a kind, including the general set-up which included an array of couches set outside in vintage style that were sure to keep everyone cozy and happy.

A round table was set on the patio that held the delicious edibles for the guests to enjoy.  There were all sorts of healthy options to try out from carrots and celery to fruit cups.  With adorable bouquets of flowers spread over the table as well, this bit of functional decor was a perfect fit for the Pretty as a Peach theme.

Rather than the traditional gifting of cards to the bride-to-be, this party used a fantastic idea that she could cherish.  As a book lover, the perfect gift for this special vip was for the guests to come with a book to give! Not only that, but it was encouraged to bring new OR vintage/pre-owned books, making it a unique opportunity to share a lovely beloved story from one home to the next.

Credits –

Bridesmaid Robes: SilkAndMore

Hangers: Deighan Design

Cake Topper & Signs: Better Off Wed

Moon Necklaces: Erin Pelicano

Coordinator, Stylist & Rentals: Blush Creek

Totes & Stationery: Wedding Chicks

Photographers: Michelle Allred

Florist: Bouquet Flower Shop

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