Camping Theme Bridal Shower Ideas

Autumn is always a gorgeous time of year with all the bold color changes in nature and cooler weather.  It is also a great time for celebrating special events like bridal showers. With a Camping theme you can do all sorts of fun things to remember.

Camping Themed Bridal Shower banner

This Camping Themed party table is a perfect example of how you can bring together lovely fall elements and tasty treats to celebrate an impending lifelong commitment. Using an array of deep colors, camping items and natural items, this table stands out beautifully. Pocket Full of Parties the fresh take on camping fun, adding some neat touches that really brought the theme together.

Using a chalkboard to welcome the happy campers, a rustic touch was added to the table. The table cover was a plaid red, green and white cloth that blended smoothly with all of the colors of the decor and food. Adorable personalized labels were made for each food so the guests would know what they were eating and they added to the rustic charm as well.

Some of the sweet snacks were wonderfully unique, like donut-holes covered on top with chocolate and a tiny pretzel so they looked like acorns, These were set in a boat-shaped wooden tray all in a neat little row.  S’mores were set up to make it simple for the guests to grab each in ingredient, three metal bowls set in a tiered fashion kept it all neatly organized.  There were delicious chocolate cupcakes with cute little forest figure toppings and of course no camping party is complete without some yummy hot chocolate.

In between the many delicous food choices pine cones and leafy branches acted as table fillers, while adding to the Autumny feel of the table. With other fun details like rustic fishing tackles and stumps, this camping theme had it all.

Design – Pocket Full of Parties  

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