Flamingo Bridal Shower Ideas

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flamingo bridal shower decoration


A flamingo themed bridal shower is one full of fun, flirty, and lots of pink. Flamingos represent happy times, warm weather, and a flair for having a good time, so there’s really no better time to break out as many flamingos as you can than a bridal shower. Get those hot pink, flamingo shaped invites out in the mail to rev your guests up for the best bridal shower ever.

Flamingo Bridal Shower Invites

Flamingo Bridal Shower Invitation


Flamingo Bridal Shower Decor

Decorations are easy because you’re sticking with one main color palate and image. Flamingos and all shades of pink are what you want to be the base of all your décor, so start with different hues of pink streamers, balloons, garland, door tassels, and tablecloths. Hang up flamingo garland and paste up flamingo cutouts in all different sizes along the walls. Have flamingo and sunshine confetti sprinkled on the tables and create centerpieces from glass vases filled with seashells and flamingos on sticks. Have neon colored sunglasses at each table setting for your guests to wear throughout the party, along with bright pink feather boas draped along the back of each chair. Of course, you can’t forget plenty of blow up flamingos, along with yard flamingos placed throughout the venue. It’s a good idea to have lush greenery around as well to give the party a tropical look. Also, post up homemade flamingo signs that say fun phrases such as “Let’s Flamingle!”

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Flamingo Bridal Shower Food

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For food, serve your eats in wooden platters and bowls to give it all an island feel. A three tiered cake with pink to white ombre icing, fondant accents of flamingos, and an elaborate topper that includes hibiscus flowers, a little bit of glossy greenery, and a couple of dancing flamingos in sunglasses and wedding attire is an amazing focal point of the food table. Serving platters in a glossy pink color look brilliant and showcase your pretty fares splendidly. Cupcakes with seafoam hued icing and flamingo lovebird toppers, cakepops in the shape of seashells, and flamingo imaged sugar cookies are all delightful treats that all the guests will enjoy tremendously. Bowls of berries, strawberry pudding, and jars full of gummy candies are a nice touch for the sweet tooth and they are all easy to eat. Individually wrapped and personalized flamingo suckers and candy bars are a treat that guests can take home with them. For main course food, think snacks such as goldfish crackers, pretzels, and nuts, along with lighter dips such as French Onion, Ranch, or anything with a mild cheese base. Tropical fares are also a great idea, so keep in mind options like shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, or conch fritters.

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Flamingo Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games can be super engaging and interactive, so get creative with the activities you plan for the guests and bride-to-be. Pin the Sunglasses on the Flamingo, Bridal Shower Bingo, Bridal word Scramble, and Toilet Paper Wedding Dress are all fantastic ideas that keep your guests giggling.

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Pink Flamingo Bridal Shower Game Pink Glitter Bridal Shower Games

Flamingo Bridal Shower Favors

Party favors for guests are especially fun and smile-inducing for a flamingo bridal shower. You can do so much with the favors you decide on for your guests. Think everything flamingo and fabulously pink! Flamingo keychains, soaps, bottle openers, handcrafted wine glasses, and embellished photo frames are just the start of what you can do to say thanks to your guests. And remember that presentation should be just as flirty and cool, so package your gifts in hot pink Chinese style boxes or even bags that are grass-weaved.

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