Chic Flamingo Party

This Chic Flamingo Party could bring some spice to any bridal shower with bold colors and a fun vibe. Designed by Pocket Full Of Parties, this fantastic theme had both innovation and excitement blended beautifully.

Chic Flamingo bridal shower dessert table ideas

Using black and white vertical stripes for a backdrop, an elegance was created that spread throughout the venue area nicely. To enhance the simplicity of the backdrop, gorgeous pinwheels and frilly ribbons were hung to add color and texture to the look. Using a mash-up of pink, gold and black, these decorative items really popped.

The display table for the treats was unique, a nice small table that was surrounded on each side with a matching chair, providing more space to show off the fun decorations. Giving a twist to the classic flamingo decoration, some were painted with gold, making a sophisticated addition to the decor. The chairs were donned with adorable pink pinwheels so the decorations that were placed on top were accented beautifully.

One chair featured a wonderful gold tray that shimmered with hanging crystals, with a flamingo on top peeking out of a large bunch of black and pink feathers and flowers for a sweet touch. The other chair held a gorgeous golden platter that held the delicious beverages, each cute pink glass had an adorable pink flamingo straw for the guests to enjoy.

The table itself was covered in a golden cloth to add to the fun sophistication of this party. Set in the middle was a large white vase chock full of lovely flowers in all sorts of colors. In the center of it was another golden flamingo, making it a perfect centerpiece for the table.  The arrangement of snacks was wonderful, each macaroon and cupcake had a touch of pink to blend with the theme and looked absolutely scrumptious.

Credits – Pocket Full Of Parties

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