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For a sweet bridal shower, a honey bee theme is perfect. Filled with bright colors of yellow and flavors of delectable honey, this is a unique way to throw a bridal shower event and most certainly a memorable one. Get your honey bee shaped invitations sent out asap so you can begin planning the sweetest of parties for the sweetest of brides.

Honey Bee Bridal Shower Invites

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There are so many plays on words you can incorporate into a honey bee themed shower, such as “Meant to Bee” or “Bride to Bee”, so let your creativity fly! Post up a huge sign in a gold frame welcoming guests and congratulating the “Bride to Bee”, and hang up cutout streamers of honey pots along the ceilings. Create a honey comb backdrop to your main event table and have a bridal shower cake in yellow and black striped colors with a clever topper that boasts a fun “Bee” play on words. Put fake beehives in the center of each guest table to house your flower arrangements of white and yellow daisies or something similar. Garlands of glittery honey bees and honey colored balloons are a signature theme party staple you must have, while images of hearts with a bride and groom honeybee in the middle tie in beautifully with the honey bee bridal shower feel.

Obviously you’ll want to bring honey flavors into as much as your party food as you can, so opt for honey cocktails with actual honeycombs as garnishes, cakepops in the shape of honeycombs themselves, detailed sugar cookies in the shapes of honey bees and pooh bear, and even honey flavored hard candies in containers that look like bee keeper boxes.

Honey Bee Bridal Shower Favors



Honey Bee Theme Soap Favors For Baby Bridal Wedding Shower


meant to bee mason jars Mini Honey Pot Favors

If you’re looking for perfect guest party favors, get some organic honey in mason jars and top with a sweet, honey bee image cloth top and ribbon.

Honey Bee Bridal Shower Games