Love Is In The Air Bridal Shower


This Love Is In The Air Bridal Shower was a picture of sophistication with a smooth blend of pink, black, and white decor.  Created by the fantastic Rachel of Rachel J Special Events, this celebration was an elegant gathering that could please any happy couple.

Held outdoors on a lovely, sunny day, this party had all the benefits of natural lighting and greenery to complement the set-up perfectly. Set under an awning, a long row of tables created a wonderful family seating arrangement that was sure to keep everyone cozy and comfortable.  

The tables were quite gorgeous with vintage style soft pink covers accented by black and clear chairs down each side.  The dishware used was exquisite, a mix of pink and black that stood out in pure style. Overflowing bouquets of flowers made perfect centerpieces, kept in low vases so the guests could see each other easily.

A gorgeous dessert table was set up with a sheer-white, flowing fabric backdrop, giving an elegant effect. The table was covered in white, making it an excellent base for the adorable decorations and delightful treats. Love was spelled out in oversized white letters across the front of the table, drawing attention beautifully. A row of adorable black coasters had a pattern of cute little treats on them, creating a fantastic border. Sweets included at this party were detailed smoothly to match the theme.  Chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries made an enticing option for the guests to enjoy.  Cake pops were frosted beautifully and placed to accent the cake fantastically.  Because this was a celebration with both the bride and groom to be it only made sense to have not one delicious cake, but three! Two black cakes were set to each side of the pink one in the center, topped with tasty white flower art.  The pink cake had cute little bride and groom balls that were smoothly frosted.

Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Black-Cake Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Cake Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Cakepops Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Dishware Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Flower-Centerpiece Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Table Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Letters Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Outdoor-Decor Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Outdoor-Seating Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Pink-Cake Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Place-Settings Love-Is-In-The-Air-Bridal-Shower-Treat-Table

Credits –

Rachel of Rachel J Special Events