Wine Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

wine themed bridal shower favors

A bridal shower is a fun occasion to celebrate a soon-to-be bride, and the more personality this once in a lifetime party has, the better! For a lovely lady who is a wine enthusiast, a wine-themed bridal shower could be particularly enjoyable and unique for all the guests. It also makes planning and putting the event together that much more exciting and easy, as your options are limitless when it comes to all you do with this theme.

Wine Bridal Shower Invites

Wine Theme Custom Bridal Shower


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Wine Bridal Shower Decor

A perfect place to have the bridal shower would be at the winery for this theme. But, you can make it just as fun by decorating it like you’re at one!

Decorations can be flirty and fabulous, and you can never have too much wine-inspired goodies! Wine decals on the walls, miniature chalkboards with random facts about different types of wine and what food those wines pair well with are as interesting as they are cute. Keep your color palate for decorations along the same lines as different kinds of wine and their coordinating grapes—think greens, deep reds, and hues of champagne and blush. Make centerpieces from glass vases filled with wine corks and deep purple roses. Place accents of different types of wine glasses, bottles, and faux bunches of grapes along walls or tables that serve as a creative sort of garland. Blush pink tablecloths and curled white ribbon makes for great extra accents as well.

Wine Glasses Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


Wine Bridal Shower Food

Food will be a big focal point of the bridal shower, because food should be purposefully selected to pair well with a wine bar that you’ll set up as well. For the main event table, make sure to have a really creative cake, either in sheet form in the shape of a glass or bottle of the bride-to-be’s favorite type of wine, or as a multi-tiered cake with sugar fondant accents and glittering wine barrel toppers. While typical desserts such as sugar cookies, cake pops, or macaroons are a must-have staple, sweets that pair really well with wine should make up most of your dessert table. Dark chocolate treats along with fruits like strawberries and blackberries taste wonderfully with any kind of wine. Set up a wine bar in which guests have a variety of wines to try, along with—of course—a fabulous cheese tray setup. Cheeses, dips, crackers, veggies, and smoked meats are perfect to pair with wine and fill up the guests’ bellies.

Wine Themed Games & Favors

Classic and giggle-inducing games like Bridal Bingo or Bride Mad Libs are great ideas to stick with and prizes can serve as favors for winners as well. Guess how many corks are in the jar instead of candies is another great idea.

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Favors are so much fun to put together for a wine themed bridal shower. Wine glasses, wine glass charms, aged bottles of wine with personalized labels, keychains, and wine bottle stoppers and openers are just a small fraction of ideas that you can bundle up and give to guests as great party favors. From popping corks of champagne, to sipping on pinot grigio, or trying a new merlot, this bridal shower will surely be a memorable one in which everyone has a fabulous time.

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