Chanel Bridal Shower Ideas

by MakemyBling

Chanel is a timeless and iconic brand of beauty, so it is no wonder that using a Chanel theme for a bridal shower is so popular. Sophisticated and full of pretty details, a Chanel inspired bridal shower is a truly memorable one that will not only make the bride herself feel special, but also all the guests who attend. Between black sheen colors, diamonds, and the beautiful double C symbol of Coco Chanel, you have so many options when it comes to décor, food, favors, and throwing a bridal shower that will be unforgettable.


Gather up plenty of decorations in pink, white, and black hues, and spare no use of silvers, pearls, and rhinestones. Black table cloths with white lace overlays, Chanel logo studded chair sashes, and glossy pearlescent vases overflowing with pale pink roses are as glam as they are classy. Place settings of white tableware and drinking goblets with rhinestones and pink ribbon detail are a luxurious way for the guests to enjoy the food. Set up a main food table for the bridal shower with a black sequin cloth and a huge Chanel logo backdrop congratulating the new bride.


COCO Chanel Party Printable


For food, make sure to include a dramatic and breathtaking event cake, either in multi-tiers or a sheet cake in the shape of the Chanel logo. Include plenty of edible diamonds, and black and silver fondant for the ultimate Chanel inspired look. Set up silver candlesticks with black candles and drape faux pearls and costume jewelry around them for a posh accessory to the food table and serve up Chanel purse shaped sugar cookies and silky-frosted cupcakes and cakepops on silver and ivory platters. Chocolate dipped fruits and crystal bowls full of regal candies like mints and fine bon bons are easy to eat but a sensory overload for the tastebuds as well.



Chanel Inspired Bridal Shower Games

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