Gothic Bridal Shower Ideas

A unique bride-to-be calls for an especially unique bridal shower. With a twist on the macabre, and a flair for old world Victorian culture, putting on a Gothic themed bridal event is a one-of-a-kind party that is truly unforgettable.

Create a dark, romantic ambience like no other, with dim lighting in red hues, black lace overlays for tables, and ebony roses for centerpieces and accents. Hang up banners that read “Til Death Do Us Part”, and incorporate paper fans, feathers, and Victorian umbrellas as the ultimate aesthetics. Intricately decorated skull figurines—especially a groom and a bride—lend a sort of haunting elegance to the allover motif. Birdcages showcasing everything from party food to signage to photos to, well, any great décor, make a fantastic addition. Doorways framed by long branches, or swishy velvet swag add a dose of mystery to the party, while timeless gothic literature by the likes of Edgar Allen Poe serve as amazing décor as the actual books, or quotes posted up on chalkboards in lace font.


You can even get guests in on the theme by requesting they dress in lace black or red garments, and you can even set up a very gothic-esque favor activity in which guests make black and red candles, accentuated with lace applique.

Gothic Bridal Shower Games