Modern Elegant Pink And Blue Shower


Held in a fantastic sophisticated venue, this Modern Elegant Pink And Blue Shower was a beautifully arranged event. With the skill of Monarchy Blue Weddings & Events, this party had everything a bride-to-be could want in her bridal shower.

The guest seating was set up family style in long rows that made it easy for the visitors to chat as they enjoyed the food provided.  Each table was accented with cute little bouquets of pink and white flowers that were in short vases so everyone could see each other with ease.

One fun activity at this party was giving advice to the newlyweds on lovely circular tags that were made to match the invitations to the event, ensuring that the theme was blended smoothly throughout the party. Another bit of excitement added to this party was a bowl full of flower with a card for each guest to guess how many there were inside.

The table that held the desserts was pure elegance, filled with delightful treats for everyone to enjoy. It had a simple white cover that allowed the soft colors and details of the desserts to stand out gorgeously. A tower of donuts stood on a white tray looking quite inviting.  Adorable cookies were frosted in sweet detail alongside some decadent cake pops with swirly sticks. There was even a mini tray that held an absolutely adorable cookie sandwich that had a yellow flower right on top.

The cake for the party was a stunner in layers and draped with a perfect arrangement of autumn colored flowers.  Set on a tall white tray, this was the true centerpiece of this delicious table.

Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Advice-Game Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Cake Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Cookies Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Cookie-Tray Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Flower-Art Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Flower-Decor Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Flowers Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Gifts Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Guessing-Game Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Guest-Seating Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Invitations Modern-Elegant-Pink-And-Blue-Shower-Macarons

Credits –

Coordinators & Stylists: Monarchy Blue Weddings & Events

Photographers: Carly Mills Photography

Cakes & Catering: Sweet Regards Cakes

Flowers: Ken’s Flowers on Avenue

Health & Beauty: Jen Evoy Makeup Studio

Venues & Officiants: Ristorante Buonanotte Toronto

Invitations: Paper Damsels