Succulent Bridal Shower Ideas

Succulent Bridal Shower Ideas Desert Cactus

While roses or lilies are something you tend to see all over the place for every event (especially wedding-related ones), people often overlook the beauty of succulent plants. These gorgeous plants are unique and pleasant in their look, care, and bloom. Did you know that you can plan a breathtaking bridal shower by using succulents as your motif? Building the party around the many types of lovely succulent plants is a fresh, unique take on celebrating a bride-to-be!

Succulent Bridal Shower Invitation


Décor for a succulent themed bridal shower is absolutely gorgeous. Succulents come in a variety of colors, so you’re not stuck to just green hues. These delightful plants come in every shade from pinks to purples! You can use a different succulent in a gorgeous pot for each guest table at your bridal shower event, along with bigger succulent plants to adorn doorways and windows. What’s especially great about a succulent theme is that it pairs well with any other looks, whether you’re opting to mix with western or shabby chic décor. Throw in some cacti looks in the decorations a well in forms of colorful cactus spring lights, cutesy cactus banners spelling out congratulations to the bride to be, or burlap cactus table runners.

Succulent Bridal Shower favors centerpieces

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Food for a succulent bridal shower can be just as fun to put together as the décor—because who won’t love adorable succulent shaped cookies and chocolates?! Have a multi-tiered shower cake in the subdued colors of the succulents you’ve chosen for the party and bring in food that comes from the areas where succulents grow naturally: the desert! Coconut, aloe, and cactus water infused beverages, bison jerky, and sweet fruits like papaya are all delicious and go perfectly with the party’s theme. The key for good bridal shower event’s food is to mix easy to eat things that also offer a decadent feel.

Of course, you can’t forget awesome favors for the bridal shower party! Actual adorable little succulent plants for the guests to go home with are obviously a terrific idea. Classic goodie bags full of gourmet treats is another great go-to favor. Unique gifts for guests could include cactus candles, wine charms, or personalized glasses. You can even infuse your favors into an activity for the bridal shower guests by setting up a station in which the guests are able to paint their own pots for succulents to take with them! This is a fun, interactive activity that also allows the bride to be and her guests to create lasting memories from the shower.

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A succulent shower is one that is bold, different, and truly one that is unforgettable. There has never been an easier way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a blushing future bride!