Lingerie Shower

This Lingerie Shower was a fantastic mix of elegance and allurement that the bride-to-be was sure to enjoy.  Using all sorts of unique details, Rachel of Fine Design Interiors and Events planned out an intimate and fun celebration of the future to come.   

lingerie bridal shower ideas

A lot of different patterns were used throughout the venue, giving a contemporary effect to the entire room.  With polka dots, stripes and even the use of chevron prints, the room was full of interest.  Neutral tones were utilized for most of the room, giving a classy elegant touch that was certain to impress.

A wooden snack table was used for some yummy nachos that the guests were able to create on their own, ensuring that everyone could have it just their way.  To personalize this table sweet frames were filled with photos and art that was very lovely. Deliciously tall candlesticks showed off glitzy gold candles with wonderful large light flowers on top.  There was even a menu displayed so the guests would know precisely what was available. One fun idea that was used was a tray with shots for everyone with a label saying, “She is tying the knot so let’s take a shot”, getting all of the visitors involved in the fun.

A separate table was prepared for the sweets and it was quite a splash with a one-of-a-kind lingerie backdrop that made a great centerpiece for the event.  A big banner was draped across the center that said, “Ooh Lala.”  The treats looked scrumptious with cupcakes, cookies and more to try out.  Adorable little thank you treats were set on this table as well, in perfect black and white striped holders.

The cake was a sweet and simple round delight set on a tall tray to draw attention.  With white frosting and a layering of little flags for decoration, it was a perfect addition to this neat event.


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