Pretty In Pastel Bridal Shower


This creative Pretty In Pastel Bridal Shower was innovatively designed by Aura Decorations.  A glamorous display of colors and flowers gave the venue an elegance that the bride-to-be could adore.

The dessert stand for this party was exquisite, beautifully arranged from top to bottom.  A layered backdrop was made from sheer fabrics in white, pink and green and in front of them a white center displayed a fantastic array of giant paper flowers surrounding a golden mirror frame. A row of neon lights at the bottom offered a burst of peppy illumination.

A glass table set on giant white soft stands was used to hold the goodies, creating a simplistic and elegant look. At the back of the table on each side, massive golden cupcake stands doubled as flower vases with overflowing bouquets of pastel flowers.  A lovely three layer cake was centered at the back of the table, beautifully detailed with one layer completely frosted in adorable rosettes. It was set on a golden stand that matched the cupcake stand perfectly.

The front row of the table held all sorts of tasty goodies on elegant trays including frosted sugar cookies shaped like wedding dresses. Two mini cakes were on each side of the big one topped with giant, cute pink flowers. Frosted apples had pastel bows on them, adding to the theme sweetly.

A classic favorite activity set up at this event was a special box for everyone to put bits of marital advice in.  An ivory cover created the sweet vibe on this table. Set on an elegant table with cute gold ring confetti, this station was a beauty.  Small canvas art with photos of the happy couple were displayed as a perfect centerpiece on this table.  There was even a small candelabra, adding to the sophisticated look.

Pretty-In-Pastel-Bridal-Shower-Apples Pretty-In-Pastel-Bridal-Shower-Backdrop Pretty-In-Pastel-Bridal-Shower-Brides-Table Pretty-In-Pastel-Bridal-Shower-Cakepops Pretty-In-Pastel-Bridal-Shower-Cupcakes Pretty-In-Pastel-Bridal-Shower-Dessert-Table Pretty-In-Pastel-Bridal-Shower-Dress-Cookies Pretty-In-Pastel-Bridal-Shower-Flower-Cake Pretty-In-Pastel-Bridal-Shower-Game-Table

Credits –

Aura Decorations