Glamping Bridal Shower Ideas

Not all brides are created equal and it’s safe to say that a more tomboyish bride-to-be may not be too keen on a super girly bridal shower theme. For this very such personality, a camping theme for a bridal shower is absolutely brilliant, as it showcases the fun, adventurous nature of the bride-to-be, and guests can really have fun with this. Camping is a broad reach, ranging from activities like fishing, boating, and sitting by the campfire. This allows you to have tons of options for decorations and food when it comes to a camping themed bridal shower, which makes putting it all together that much more enjoyable.

There should be a main event table in which you set up food, and this is the perfect place to put up an open, miniature tent. Visibly under the tent will be all your yummy treats, mainly including the shower cake. Create a backdrop to the table of little gas lanterns filled with little lights that look like fireflies, and hang up garland of cute baby fish framed by tall fishing rods. Copper mason jars for the guests to drink from and tin plates for guests to eat on will make everyone feel like they are actually enjoying their yummy food out camping. A good décor accent to put around as much as you can is the signature heart carving that you find in a tree with the bride and her groom’s initials within a heart and arrow.

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Roasted marshmallows and hot dogs are a must, so if you can, have a small fire pit or grill on hand for such an activity for guests. You can also get even more creative with the food table and have shaped sugar cookies or cakepops in just about any form. Think thick frosted cookies that replicate everything from tents to cute bear cups to pine trees to acorns. Take a single or double tiered cake and have the frosting emulate tree wood with an image of the bride and groom’s initials within the heart and arrow for the perfect bridal shower cake.

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