Hosting Your Bridal Shower During COVID-19

Hosting Your Bridal Shower During COVID-19

Alright, Brides, let’s be honest – COVID-19 has thrown a huge monkey wrench into a lot of bridal shower plans for 2020, even into 2021. Across the country, federal guidelines strongly suggest no more than ten people should gather in one place. Most guest lists for a bridal shower range from 20 to 50 people – so what’s a Bride to do?

The easiest, most effective solution is to host a virtual wedding shower. You can use platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype to gather all of your friends and family together without putting anyone at risk! So before you start making those dreaded cancellation calls, here are some tips and ideas to make your virtual bridal shower a success.

Bridal Shower During COVID-19

Spread the Word

Reach out to your guests and let them know that they can still attend your shower, just from the comfort of their couch! You can use this as an opportunity to tell them which platform you will be using, so they can be sure to download the app, create an account, etc. ahead of time – not five minutes before the shower starts.

Virtual Bridal Shower Invitation


Have Your Guests Send Gifts or Cards to Your House Ahead of Time

There are plenty of options for sending gifts via snail mail or online. You may get some virtual surprises like gift cards to your favorite restaurants or boutique, or maybe a membership for a subscription box! Just be sure to share information with your guests like an email address for virtual gifts, your home address for physical gifts, and your registry for ideas.

Pick a Theme

Once the changes are made, and your guests are notified, it’s time to focus on your bridal shower’s theme. Maybe your original theme works for a virtual bridal shower, or perhaps you need to adapt it a bit. Take this time to figure out how you can really embrace the virtual aspect of your shower.

You could plan a cocktail hour theme where guests could bring their own cocktail creations and swap recipes with each other! Or maybe a virtual spa day sounds more like your speed. You can ask your guests to bring their favorite nail polish, face masks, or pampering products to the virtual call and share your beauty routines!

Make a Custom Snapchat Filter

Guests can take videos or pictures with the filter then post it to their social media pages. You can design your own filter in the app or purchase one that is custom-made for you on Etsy! While this may seem trivial, creating a custom Snapchat filter is a great way to capture everyone’s moments from the shower. It helps you to feel like everyone was truly together!

Bridal Shower Snapchat Geofilter


Games, Games, Games!

No party is complete without some fun games! In light of the pandemic, many game companies are releasing or expanding their virtual game platforms – perfect for your virtual bridal shower. One option is to create a custom game with TriviaMaker. A host can write trivia questions all about the happy couple, then broadcast their screen over video chat for all to see.

If you want something that’s already made and ready to play, you can go for these virtual bridal shower battle trivia game by ThinkGames.

Virtual Bridal Shower Wedding - Answer Battle Trivia Powerpoint

virtual would she rather bridal shower game


For non-trivia type of games, you can opt for printable bridal shower games. The files can be downloaded and emailed to the guests. Few of my favorite games that can be played at virtual bridal shower includes, bridal emoji quiz, bridal bingo, and would she rather games.

Bridal Shower Emoji Pictionary Virtual


For a more, ah…spicy crowd, All Bad Cards is a fantastic option as well. It’s basically a virtual version of the game Cards Against Humanity, and anyone can host a game from their web browser. Just send the link to all of your guests when you’re ready to play! Make sure your guests also have their video chat up and running, so no one misses out on the scandalous laughter.

Remember, Brides: at the end of the day, your shower is going to be special, regardless of the little details. As long as you have your friends and loved ones by your side, your bridal shower is sure to be the best.