Hearts and Cookies Rustic Bridal Shower

What better way to celebrate love than Hearts and Cookies? SWEET SITUATION used some of the bride-to-be’s favorite things to create a sweet Heart and Cookie Rustic Bridal Shower party.  With a gorgeous mixture of decorations and treats, the venue was marvelous looking.

Hearts and Cookies Bridal Shower

One wonderful idea used for this shower were the invitations. Instead of the classic prints on paper, little tea bags were printed with the invitations, providing a fabulous way to bring the guests in.  The party was designed to be a tea party, so using these invites was perfect.

The dessert table was inspiring with all sorts of little touches that came together in a wonderful way.  A huge heart created from greenery and blooms was hung on the wall as a backdrop, introducing the theme very sweetly.  The table used was a long wooden delight covered in a vintage lace cover, ensuring that the venue had a vintage feel to it.  On the table a stack of classic books made a great addition, holding a delicious plate of treats. Flowers were spread throughout the table between tasty snacks to add a natural touch and soft color.  They went beautifully with the tea dishes that had lovely floral prints on them.

The variety of desserts available was great, from fruit tarts to sugar cookies, there was something for everyone to try out.  There were even macarons and cupcakes to enjoy. The real stunner on this table however, was the cake.  Layers upon layers of scrumptious chocolate and vanilla, this cake was a towering display of beauty.  Blending with the theme brilliantly, it was topped with a giant Love sugar cookie and decorated with baby’s breath and other pretty flowers.  It was placed on an elegant tall cake tray, ensuring that it would stand out dramatically.


cake, cupcakes, macarons, meringues, scones, chocolates:
Sweet Situation www.sweetsituation.com | @esweetsituation
custom cookies: The Baked Equation www.thebakedequation.com
flower artistry: Pia Floral Design www.facebook.com/piafloraldesign
captured by: InGrain www.instagram.com/helloingrain

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