Kate Spade Themed Bridal Shower

Celebrating love with elegance, friends and family was just the way to go with this fantastic Kate Spade Themed Shower.  Tera Hare designed a fabulous event for bride-to-be Alexa using a blend of gold, creme, pink, black and white tones.  

Using a favorite restaurant as a venue, the bride-to-be was sure to be comfortable at this party, along with her favorite people.  


A lovely table was set-up to hold the tasty treats at this party with unique touches that made it one-of-a-kind.  Using giant, golden, mylar balloons, XO was the centerpiece to the backdrop, giving everyone a sense of sweetness as they grabbed a snack.  The table was covered with black allowing all the colors of the food to stand out remarkably.  Adorable little candle holders in light pink were used to add a bit of elegance to the table.  One beautiful idea used to accent the balloon backdrop was a row of coffee mugs that spelled out love.  Each mug was filled with sweet pink and green flowers.  To finish off that bit of decor a sprinkle of heart confetti was spread on the table.

A yummy cake was perfectly frosted in white flowers and topped with glittering gold letters spelling out, “I do” in a smooth, cursive font.  Behind it a clipboard was casually displayed that encourage everyone to “Eat cake for breakfast”, a delicious notion for sure!

Thank you boxes were set on a little table with personalized labels that matched the theme beautifully.  Each box had a lovely finishing white ribbon tied around it.

A favorite idea from this party was actually a monitor set on the gift table that ran a slideshow of the bride and groom-to-be with friends and family, showing their own little love story.  This party was an excellent example of how to celebrate impending nuptials in style.

Credits – Design/Styling –  Tera Hare

kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-bridal-bingo-game kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-cake-gold-glitter-i-do kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-desserts kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-desserts-treats kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-favor-boxes-black-stripes-floral kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-flowers-in-cups kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-food kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-food-pizza kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-guestbook-idea kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-love-story kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-menu-card kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-photobooth-props kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-pop-fizz-clink-sign kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-receipt-card-book kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-she-leaves-a-little-sparkle-wherever-she-goes kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-sign kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-treat-your-self kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-whats-in-your-phone-game kate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-xo-foil-balloonkate spade bridal shower gift tablekate-spade-themed-bridal-shower-love-story-board