Tying the Knot Bridal Shower Ideas

tying the knot bridal shower theme

“Tying the Knot” is an age old expression that everyone knows and it’s something a bride-to-be here’s time and again before she gets married. This phrase is so “tied” to the event of marriage that it actually makes it a perfect theme for a bridal shower. You can do so much with this play on words theme and that’s a great thing, as it gives you tons of options for decorations, food, and playtime. Here is the only time you can mix knotted pretzels with knotted anchor ropes, so get your creative juices flowing because this will be an event that the bride and her favorite people will truly love.

Tying the Knot Invitations

Invitations can feature a knot shaped in the form of a heart or something more nautical, such as an anchor or a ship of love. Whatever you decide on when it comes to the look of the invitations, remember that you should use whatever imagery that will pose as the main look for the shower.

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Tying the Knot Decorations

As for the décor of the shower, one thing is for certain—be sure to feature the “tied knot” in as many places, shapes, and forms as you can throughout the party space. Signs and banners that read “Tying the Knot” are perfect to set up the atmosphere for the event, as is ceilings lined with a neat type of knotted rope garland. You can pretty much turn anything into a signature “tied knot”, so have fun with your creations. Fairy light strands can be intertwined along the walls, faux anchors can be hung from knotted rope along the doorways or even the backs of chairs, and ribbons can be tied in knots that resemble hearts and words such as “love” or “bride”. In fact, try to bundle and tie together all of your decorations, whether it’s bunches of balloons, streamers, or glittering fringe.

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Tying the Knot Food

Putting together your Tying the Knot bridal shower menu is perhaps the most enjoyable part of the entire event. You can really showcase your creativity by incorporating the theme into absolutely every piece of food fare. Think giant, warm pretzels with a variety of dips for guests to choose from, or sweet, twisted funnel cakes with several topping choices. Sugar cookies with thick, knotted frosting hearts and a cake that features multiple layers, bold colors, and an elaborate topper of a bride and groom tangled up together in love are beautiful on the main table. Likewise, you can also take long, flexible candies such as Twizzlers or Sour Straws and knot them up to present as their own little “knots of love”.

Tying the Knot Games

Activities like Twister are a great idea for games because this keeps in with theme of being knotted up, along with activities that have the guests crocheting or sewing a pattern provided. Tongue twister games are also great in keeping with the theme, but are also extremely fun for the guests to engage in.

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teal, blue, white stripes nautical bridal shower games, printable, anchorTying the Knot Favors

Don’t forget to have great favors for your guests available! Mason jars full of ingredients for brownie recipes, tied with knotted string are a guest favorite for a bridal shower. Another really special gift you can give to guests is knotted jewelry with a personalized thank you. You can do such items as rings, necklaces, earrings, or broach pins.

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