Let Love Sparkle Bridal Shower


This gorgeous bridal shower was created by Krown Kreations & Celebrations, who used the theme Let Love Sparkle to give a special bride-to-be a day to remember forever. With black and white as base colors with pink and gold to accent, the venue for this party was a fantastic blend of sophistication and sparkle.

The dessert table was a sparkle festival with a table covered in a brilliant golden cover.  A black and white striped backdrop made the perfect setting for a fabulous gold heart to shine from.  To really emphasize the special vip’s big impending event, a banner hung from above saying, “Miss, Mrs.” This banner was beautifully created with black and white vertical stripes and gold lettering and details.

All of the treats were labeled on a fun, pink and gold tag that was easy to see.  Tasty options in the edible department included pudding, cupcakes, cheesecake, cake pops and more. The treats were perfectly designed to match the Let Love Sparkle theme with sweet tags shaped like hearts and some with adorable little words like “Love.”

A wonderful idea used at this party to make things simpler for the bride was a section set up with envelopes for the guests to fill out their name and addresses on, so when it was time to write up thank-you notes, she wouldn’t have to worry about having that information.

Another adorable idea to involve the guests in a unique way was to have them all write down fun date options for down the road, rather than just giving advice. This area had a fantastically drawn up chalkboard sign.

An entire section was set aside to give out the thank gifts, a table with a deep purple cover stood out boldly.  On this table a delightful tray of bagged goodies awaited the visitors along with a special place for everyone to fill out recipe cards for the bride.


Let-Love-Sparkle-Cake Let-Love-Sparkle-Cupcakes Let-Love-Sparkle-Date-Night Let-Love-Sparkle-Date-Night-Board Let-Love-Sparkle-Envelope-Sign Let-Love-Sparkle-Gift-Table Let-Love-Sparkle-Lemonade Let-Love-Sparkle-Parfaits Let-Love-Sparkle-Tea Let-Love-Sparkle-Thank-You Let-Love-Sparkle-Veggies Let-Love-Sparkle-Welcome-Board Let-Love-Sparkle-Welcome-Sign

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