Falling in Love Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Autumn is a whimsical and quite romantic time of year, so what better theme to give a bridal shower than a “Falling in Love” ambience? There is nothing lovelier than a blushing bride to be surrounded by a theme of romance and happiness, with warm colors and deliciously cozy food to boot. Transform your party space into something truly magical for this bridal shower and make it one that is truly unforgettable.

Falling in Love Bridal Shower Invite

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alling in Love Invitation Bridal Shower Invite


Falling in Love Bridal Shower Decor

When putting together decorations for a “Falling in Love” bridal shower, remember to keep your color palate bright and warm—and definitely don’t forget the all-too-familiar autumn scents of pumpkin, spices, and apples, both in food and from scented pillar candles on tall silver candle holders or leaf shaped bowls of potpourri. Tables draped in gold and chocolate colored linens and settings with bronze goblets and matching tableware are as romantic as they are beautiful. Floral arrangements of dried flowers mixed with deep red roses look breathtaking all over the party venue as centerpieces or as garland hanging over doorways and looped around tables. Orange and silver balloons tied in bunches with white ribbon and temporary wall decals of trees and falling leaves are especially gorgeous, along with twinkling fairy lights strung up everywhere. You can even have twig and floral wreaths for guests to wear during the party, which really increases the interaction and airy feel.

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Falling in Love Bridal Shower Food

There should be a couple of main tables that house all the delicious food and drinks, and you can start with the main even cake. A double-tiered cake in an ombre of colors that represent the fall season (reds, oranges, yellows, and browns) and a cake topper that portrays congratulation messages to the bride to be is a fabulous ode to the upcoming happy nuptials.

Simple sugar cookies in the shapes of leaves, pumpkin replicated cake pops, orange frosted brownies, and pumpkin spice cupcakes are all tasty additions that can be served on rustic silver or bronze platters.

Yummy drinks of spiked hot cider, hot chocolate, and dark wines are a wonderful idea for the beverage table. For actual meal food, you might consider soups such as pumpkin or tomato with grilled sandwiches and warm roasted nuts such as almonds or pecans. You also might even consider setting up a separate station for different kinds of miniature pies for guests to try and enjoy.

Falling in Love Bridal Shower Favors & Games

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Activities can be really creative and fun for an autumn themed bridal shower. You can set up an activity for carving pumpkins or a loud game of bobbing for apples. Give favors to your guests in the form of prizes or reminiscent of a fall festival in which guests have to “fish” over a wall in order to catch onto their autumn bag of goodies. Favors such as autumn scented candles, leaf designed candle holders or dishtowels, and gourmet treats such as pumpkin pastries and pralines are delightful all wrapped up in a velvet bag that guests can take home with them.

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