Modern Black and White Striped Bridal Shower


Created by Krown Kreations & Celebrations, this Modern Black and White Striped Bridal Shower was the perfect blend of bold stripes and bright colors.  It was set outdoors where the natural sunlight could light up all the details in a brilliant display for guests to enjoy.

Using a lovely vintage style dresser rather than a standard table for a welcome, this section looked absolutely fantastic.  A backdrop of horizontal black and white stripes drew the eye and a lovely golden sparkle heart was the perfect accent to this board. A large banner was hung in front of the dresser saying, “Gifts” so guests would know right where to go. Beside this area a small three tiered stand stood with gifts for the guests to take home with them, it was decorated with a backdrop of black and white horizontal stripes, matching the Modern Black and White Striped Bridal Shower smoothly.  To accent this decor a gorgeous vine of florals was draped across the top.

Yummy sweets offered at this gathering included truffles, cupcakes, chocolate peanut butter, deliciously frosted cookies and more.

A special beverage area was set up to match the treats on another fantastic vintage style dresser.  This one had a fun sign draped across in pink, gold, black and white saying, “Bride.” As a backdrop behind the table a banner saying, “Drinks” stood out so everyone knew where to quench their thirst. Tasty lemonade and ice tea were offered in unique beverage dispensers that added a sophisticated look to the table. For decor, flowers were set out on one side, adding to the natural outdoors venue.

Glitz and glamour were beautiful incorporated throughout the venue in fun ways from the black and white striped tray that held cupcakes to the gold and pink labels used on the various treats.

modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-favor-box modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-caramel modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-chocolate modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-cookies modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-cookies-love modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-heart-cookies modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-drink-jar-heart-toppers modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-love is sweet please take a treat modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-sweets-treat-sign modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-favors-sign modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-decoration ideas modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-welcome-to-bridal-shower-sign modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-gold thank you tags modern-black-and-white-striped-bridal-shower-sparklng-sweets

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