Colorful Spanish Garden Shower



With the bride getting married in Cancun, it made perfect sense to have a bit of Spanish culture incorporated into this lovely Colorful Spanish Garden Shower.

Taking advantage of a lovely, sunny day, the party was held outdoors.  Lavish, brilliantly colored paper flowers provided by CindyPaperie, filled the venue with beauty. An adorable decoration filled with flowers and “Cindy’s Bridal Shower” spelled out in gold letters made a lovely photo op for the guests.

An awning was set up so everyone could eat comfortably.  A row of pink hanging lanterns added a touch of color overhead. The guest tables were covered in alternating black and white covers, creating a neat striped effect.  Striped runners were used as well, standing out fantastically. Black and white chairs added to this modern idea perfectly.  The tables had gorgeous floral arrangements as centerpieces along with adorable framed photos of the happy couple.

One lovely idea used at this event as a lasting gift for the couple was set on a beautifully decorated table.  An arrangement of photos matted in white allowed for each guest to sign with words of love, encouragement and wisdom.

Some fun games played at this party included the traditional “Try not to say” game where the guests are given a few words often used at parties to try to avoid the entire party.  A fun mad lib station was set up too. One unique game was a “Text Me” game where everyone got to guess how often the couple texted each other.

Some delicious desserts offered at the party included churros, pineapple upside down cakes and watermelon on a stick.

For a perfect take-home gift, guests were able to choose their own Mexican candies as well as flower hair clips.

Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Awning Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Beverages Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Bright-Flowers Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Candies Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-C-And-M Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Churros Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Cucumber-Water Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Decor-Book Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Flower-Centerpieces Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Flower-Decor Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Game Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Glass-Art Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Guest-Seating Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Hanging-Lanterns Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Love-Art Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Mad-Libs Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Menu Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Mexican-Candy Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Paper-Flowers Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Pineapple-Tree Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Pineapple-Upside-Down-Treat Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Signable-Frame Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Silverware Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Text-Me-Game Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Text-Me-Table Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Thank-You-Gifts Colorful-Spanish-Garden-Shower-Watermelon

Credits –

Paperflowers – CindyPaperieEtsy,  Instagram,  Pinterest

Table runners and backdrop: handmade by Lan (matron of honor)

Flowers by LAN’s MIL

Decor: Bridesmaids

Photographer: Danny (BIL)