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Lavender Bridal Shower Ideas: A bridal shower is a time to celebrate the magic of a bride’s upcoming wedding, and there’s nothing more romantic and whimsical than lovely lavender. This plant has become a staple in itself over time, with its beautiful blooms, patented purple colors, and heavenly scent. Not to mention, it adds an incredible flavor into cakes and cocktails, too! Creating a bridal shower theme centered around this sweet flower is the perfect way to ensure the party is unforgettable.

The simplest place to start is, well, the floral arrangements! Spritely buds of lavender make for beautiful table centerpieces, or even bouquets dried and hung along doorways offer a breathtaking look and a relaxing aroma. You can sprinkle lavender pieces across tables as decoration, and hang up twinkling lavender-hued lighting for an extra dose of magical ambiance. Purple balloons, lace overlays for tables, and big lavender bows for chairs are also extra special touches. Lavender seems to pair wonderfully with yellows and lemons, so compliment the theme with this aesthetic in the form of food and décor. Of course, you can’t forget fabulous favors that keep with the theme, as well. Opt for burlap-tied goody bags or baskets full of lavender gourmet treats like chocolates, lavender soda, miniature cakes, and drink mixes.

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