Best Hen Party Games for Everyone to Enjoy!

No matter what the venue, location, or getaway plan for a delightful hen’s party, one thing always rings true—there must be plenty of great games and activities for the bride to be and her guests to enjoy! From classic games to engaging activities to brand new, modern takes, you can create some really special memories and an unforgettable party.

Icebreaker Games

It always pays to start off with some awesome icebreaker games. Opt for a guessing game in which you tape a piece of paper reading a famous bride or female icon from history to every guest’s back when they first arrive and have them spend the first moments of the party engaging with each other and asking questions to figure out what their paper says. Or, you could do an icebreaker game that’s a little bit more casual and classic. Have your guests sit around with glasses of champagne and reveal two truths and a lie about themselves, with the other guests guessing which is which.

The most important thing is to keep guests smiling, laughing, and simply just enjoying themselves while celebrating the future bride. Some old school, always amazing go-to games are the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game, Bridal Bingo, and Hen Party Mad Libs.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game

With the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game, guests break up into teams of two or three to race against a timer and create the most realistic wedding dress they can using only toilet paper wrapped around a team mate. You can further up the fun with this game by having guests make their dresses “couture” or “current trendy fashion” with photos from women’s fashion magazines.

Bridal Bingo

Bridal Bingo is another great idea for an awesome hen party game, and it’s easy as ever to play. Pair it with themed, hen party prizes and voila! You have the recipe for a truly interactive and boisterous activity.

Hen Party Mad Libs

Hen Party Mad Libs is probably the easiest to put together and most fun to play for guests. You can even take already made normal Mad Libs and have guests fill in their most outrageous, hen party themed words. What’s even better about this activity is that it takes up quite a bit of time as the guests get really involved and have a great time doing it.

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Dare Cards, Drink If, and Scavenger Hunt

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Some all new games to try out with your party hens are things like a Newlyweds Game, a scavenger hunt, or a Truth or Dare activity. A Newlyweds Game can go all sorts of ways, so let your creativity shine. Involving the groom beforehand is the best thing, as you can have him answer tons of questions that you then pose to the bride without him at the hen party event. You can even incorporate drinking shots into the activity for every question the bride gets incorrect.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is probably the most interactive activity you can incorporate into a hens party and it can keep guests entertained for as little as a couple of hours to all day. You can come up with just about any way to do a scavenger hunt, but the basic gist is that several things are hidden and guests are given clues that will eventually lead to these treasures. Be sure to have fun prizes on hand to award winners of the hunt, as well.

A Truth or Dare

A Truth or Dare themed game can also be hours of fun, and once more, the options for what you can do with this are absolutely limitless. Have both truths and dares planned out and written down for guests to draw so that the game stays on track and all the dares are possible to do within whatever vicinity you’ve chosen for the hen party.

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Regardless if you opt for just a few or all of these awesome game ideas, your hen party event is sure to be a big hit and a memorable one for years to come.