Colorful Au Natural Bridal Shower



It is easy to fall in love with this Colorful Au Natural Bridal Shower designed by Designed In Mind Events. Utilizing a lovely outdoor space and all sorts of natural details, this shower was sure to impress a lovely bride to be.  The outdoor space chosen for this party was absolutely enchanting with a beautifully array of trees and rocks.

For the guest seating, large cement picnic tables made a perfect option for this outdoor event. The bench style seating encouraged cozy and comfortable visiting. This party was specially designed for a DIY, eco-conscious, modern and budget friendly bride.

A favorite detail incorporated into the natural decor at this party were the abundance of sweet succulents. At each place setting the plates were bordered in these fantastic little plants, giving the table a lovely natural look. Gorgeous centerpieces were made from black trays with neutrally toned centers that were layered together and used to hold larger succulents.  Lovely slim bouquets of flowers added height to the look too.  A fun and unique addition to this table set up was the use of small rocks to display the forks.

Using the natural rock formations at this venue as a backdrop, the beverage table had a rustic style that really stood out. With glassware on the bottom shelf and a woven stand holding several bottles of wine, it was easy for guests to find a tasty drink. Succulents were placed in the miniature drawer to blend with the Au Natural theme perfectly.

Another wonderful addition to the decor at this event was the use of a small table with a giant bowl to hold gift envelopes. The bowl held a variety of rocks and cute decorative boxes as well. A charming basket of flowers and succulents were displayed on the bottom shelf.

Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Beverage-Display Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Cake Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Cake-Section Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Drinks Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Drink-Tray Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Flowers Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Flowers-Vases Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Gift-Pile Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Glassware Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Green-Succulents Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Seating Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Tables Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Micro-Table Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Picnic-Table Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Red-Yellow-Flowers Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Ring-Display Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Rock-Art Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Rock-Bowl Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Succulents Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Wine Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Wooden-Plates Colorful-Au-Natural-Bridal-Shower-Yellow-Flowers


Floral Design And Event Styling – Design In Mind Events
Photography by – Kelly H Photo