Outdoor Great Gatsby Party

Outdoor Great Gatsby Party

This Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party was an object of creative genius with the innovative blend of classic ideas introduced by The Ardent Biblio. With a lovely outdoor venue, this party was warm and welcoming. Using a focus from two scenes from the hit novel, the space reflected a pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere.

The food focus was mainly on edibles that would have been available during the time period of The Great Gatsby, allowing guests to feel like part of that fantastic decade. Tasty pigs in a blanket, egg salad sandwiches, a cheese with meat spread and more ensured that everyone would be able to find something delightful to munch on.

Using a clear, glass top table to hold the foods gave a light and airy effect, making all of the snacks look scrumptious. Flower arrangements along with candles added to the elegant ambience as well.

Along the back fence, a string of bulbs hung, offering soft lighting that helped to set the mood for the literary adventure. To really embrace the idea of a Great Gatsby gathering, an outdoor bar was set up with both a bar sign and a cocktail menu. Set on a modern black table, the menu in its lovely silver frame stood out perfectly.  A massive vintage ice bucket held yummy champagne while martini glasses sported the lemon and lime garnishments. Adorable napkins saying, “Cheers” added a happy little touch to the decor that was also functional. The table was set in between two large potted plants, giving it a cozy and inviting feeling. Another neat addition to the decor were little glasses that were decorateed with a gold glitter rim and had tea lights inside to give that gentle lighting.

For a sweet treat after all the food was enjoyed, lemon cakes awaited the guests. They were beautifully prepared and made a wonderful finishing touch to the party.

Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Alcoholic-Drinks Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Bar Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Bar-Table Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Beverages Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Candlelight Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Candles Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Candles-Lemoncakes Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Champagne Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Cheers-Glasses Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Cheers-Napkins Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Cheese Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Cocktail-Bar Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Decorative-Glasses Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drink-Layout Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drink-Making Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drink-Menu Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drink-Pouring Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drinks Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Floral-Arrangements Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Flowers Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Food Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Fruit Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Fruit-Spread Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Ham-Skewers Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Lemoncakes Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Lime-Glasses Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Orchid Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Outdoor-Venue Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Plants Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Table-Design


Planning/Design: The Ardent Biblio

Co-planning/Photographer: Rikki of R. K Rivera Photography


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