Marble Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

A marble themed bridal shower is as elegant and refined as the future bride herself. Class knows no bounds when it comes to this kind of party, so get your shining marble pressed invites out in the mail, because this is going to be a bridal shower for the books!

It’s a bright, light, and airy atmosphere when it comes to a marble theme. Crystal glassware, sparkling acrylic servingware for cakes and treats, and simple ivory tablecloths pair splendidly with the rest of the marble décor, and gives it a chance to really shine. A multi-tiered marble cake is a once in a lifetime beauty, while multi-hued marble coffee mugs or coasters make a terrific (and functional) favor for guests to take home to always remember this very special bridal shower. Marble plates match beautifully with lace runners on tables, and bridal shower games can be printed on marbled paper for an extra dose of loveliness. Roll out the marble floor runner for guests at the entry of the party, and make sure to pay attention to the actual ‘crackles’ in all your marble décor. Shining copper, silver, gold, rose gold, and bronze really make white, black, and dusty pink marble pop. Send guests home with some breathtaking marble coasters and you’ve got yourself one hard to forget party.


Marble Bridal Shower Games