Slumber Bridal Shower Ideas

A great way to throw a fun and memorable bridal shower is by having a slumber party! Here, the guests and the bride-to-be get to giggle with girlfriends, take a trip down memory lane, and be comfortable in their favorite pajamas. It’s also a way for a bridal shower to last all night long, reminiscent of old times of youth.

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You can set up a main table for food just as you would any other bridal shower, however the décor for this is really within the attire and activities for the guests and bride. Have champagne and hot chocolate available for beverages, and while you can have elaborate treats and food, keep it easy to eat and non-messy. Keep plenty of napkins, plates, and utensils on hand as typically eating and drink continues long through the night. A simple chocolate cake and ice cream with sprinkles is decadent and nostalgic for the main shower dessert, while miniature brownies, cupcakes, and cookies are all super easy to grab and eat. Salty fares like popcorn, chips, and nuts are also great foods to munch on for the guests.

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Be sure to incorporate plenty of pinks, purples, polka dots, and hearts into the mix of sleeping backs, eye masks, balloons, and flag banners. Set up activities like DIY facials, mani-pedi’s, or chick flick movie marathons. Awesome games to include for a slumber party bridal shower are classic things like Twister, Truth or Dare, Telephone, and All About the Bride. Have plenty of props lying around as well for tons of photo opportunities like colorful feather boas, sparkly hats, and oversized sunglasses. And after a fun-filled night with girlfriends, mimosas, French toast, and bridal shower gifts are a great way to start a new morning.