Silver Wonderland Wedding


When it comes to dessert spreads for weddings, this Silver Wonderland Wedding layout is one in a million. Behind this decadent work of art is CreaMay, whose attention to detail is impeccable. Every aspect of this arrangement was beautifully executed from the unique tables set together in smooth fashion, to the stunning decor placed with precision throughout the venue.

The blending of white and silver tones created an elegant effect through this entire buffet area.  A backdrop of variously textured fabrics were layered together beautifully to give a fantastic vintage effect.  Set in front of a window, the natural lighting lit up the space through the sheer fabric very sweetly.

To hold all of the desserts, three vintage style tables were used, all matching with drawers that were also utilized to use all of the space effectively. Strands of pearls even hung out from them adding to the soft and inviting decor. One table held a gorgeous ornately framed mirror painted in silver. In front of it, a tiered tray displayed adorable miniature frames with cute little tufts of fabric at the tops to create an elegant touch. In front of the tables a little white tree was decorated with strands of clear jewels that made this snack area stand out beautifully.  

The desserts were quite delectable with a wide variety of options to enjoy. Sugar cookies on a clear cake tray were shaped into fun wedding shapes like dresses and were frosts in white and silver tones.  They even had cute extras like pearls. Tall trees were made from macarons in silver and white and had little flower blooms as fillers throughout.  For a neat effect, silver butterflies were hung on the tree too.

The cake was a four tiered delight frosted perfectly in white, making a perfect centerpiece for this lovely buffet.  

Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Chocolates Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Cookie-Tree Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Desserts Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Jar-Candies Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Jeweled-tree Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Marshmallows Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Miniature-Frames Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Sugar-Cookies Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Table-Decor Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Treats Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Wrapped-Chocolate-Bars Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Wrapped-Goodies

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